For marketers, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate the plethora of software available on the market. The SEMrush suite is a must-have with around forty integrated tools. Focus on 5 particularly useful features for managing your Argentina WhatsApp Number List campaigns. Local SEO is a strong trend in 2020. According to SEMrush , 40% of mobile searches have a “local” purpose, and 88% of consumers who perform a local search will take an action within 24 hours, by visiting or by calling the result of their query. SEMrush offers several tools to better manage your local activity: Easily manage your local business information with the Listing Management tool To have the confidence of consumers and to be well referenced by search engines, it is important for a brand to display consistent information.

The key point is to ensure that the information on each professional profile is consistent and to keep it up to date. Now for France-based businesses, SEMrush offers a Listing Management solution that saves countless hours checking and updating your business information. All you have to do is enter the data, the tool will complete and update the data sheets on your business on dozens of SEO services. The Listing Management tool covers more than 50 directories, including Yelp, Foursquare, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Apple Maps, Yahoo, Bing, Alexa… The time savings are obviously enormous. Another useful feature of the Listing Management tool is tracking your ratings and reviews on all business directories in one place. Reviews can be a great source of feedback and document customer decision making. Again, saving time is precious, and you can centralize the management of comments and reviews in the same space.

Tools to boost your local business

The Local Pack, like other Google SERP features (and Google’s SERP in general) is very volatile. Algorithms change, positions drop, locations get lost. It is therefore important to regularly monitor the performance of your site (and your listing!) To act when necessary. In local SEO, organic positions and those of the Local Pack have the same importance and go hand in hand for a business. If your business is hyperlocal, you can choose to track by postcode in a specific area or both nationally and locally. With the SEMrush Position Tracking tool, you can monitor your positions in search engines: Up to the level of a city and a postal code Desktop, tablet, and mobile tracking Discovery of local competitors Ability to find keywords that display SERP functionality, like local-pack results, reviews, Featured Snippets, etc.


Track your company’s positions in any geographic area with the SEMrush Position Tracking tool A complete tool to manage your content marketing strategy SEMrush is the only tool that covers the entire content marketing cycle : from creating eye-catching headlines to tracking posted content. Topic Research for Effective Sub Topics and Topics All content begins with a catchy title. With Topic Research, you can find popular content ideas relevant to your audience’s interests and uncover the best headlines and questions for your target topic. SEO Content Template Create fully optimized content that appeals to both people and search engines. Receive recommendations (also locally) on how to create SEO-friendly content. SEO Writing Assistant Get optimized content with an add-on that can be used on Google Docs. It checks the SEO quality of your content in real time.

A complete tool to manage your content marketing strategy

Content Marketplace If you don’t have the time (or expertise) to write content, you can purchase content written by professional writers from the Content Marketplace . Content Audit You can also link Google Analytics to SEMrush and get a full audit on your site’s performance. In particular, you will have access to the most engaging pages, or to those with errors. Post Tracking Measure the performance of your off-site content by tracking its backlinks, rankings, and social media shares in one place. Analyze your competitors’ strategies SEMrush Traffic Analytics is a competitive research and market analysis tool that provides estimates of mobile and desktop traffic to any site. This can be useful for benchmarking, evaluating a new market or a new niche, and even building a media buying strategy.

Thanks to the Market Explorer tool , you can dive into a niche and understand the audience you want to target. This tool makes it easier to compare your site with the competition and helps you better understand the market that interests you. Complete link building workflow This dedicated tool allows you to manage your link strategy thanks in particular to various features: A constantly updated backlink database with currently 23.6 billion backlinks Analysis of toxic backlinks: complete workflow, from detection (with explanations and all factors) to deletion or disavowal Development of your backlink profile directly from the tool (contact of site owners) Track your progress Smart integration with Majestic, GA and GSC Google and Trello service integrations to get even more data SEMrush offers a variety of connections with other tools to help you stay organized.

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