SEO agencies are in the rearview mirror of Google, which only targets its users to please. The famous search engine multiplies the algorithms in this direction and imposes its law. How does this impact these agencies which have no other choice than to initiate a transfer? Google or Darwinian law and natural selection It is clear that the Google search engine is by far the most requested by Internet users. And with each deployment of a new tool in the juggernaut of the query, many sites remain docked. Do not miss the train and follow the recommendations of the Search Console giant, because the digital age will not allow you to hang up your TER wagons to those of the TGV. Any company that begins its digital transformation will pay the price of poor SEO. SEO therefore becomes a determining point of your Business Plan.

But this also applies to brands that have already undergone their digital transformation. In one of its articles, the newspaper Les speaks of a new need, which consists for them to operate diagnoses, qualified as “digital notation” . Because for companies that have already boarded the Grand Express, we should not believe that the path is done without stopovers, or Singapore Phone Number List without any turbulence. Indeed, yesterday’s keyword strategy will not be tomorrow’s. A good natural or paid SEO agency knows this: SEO has become an art thanks to the complexity of Google’s algorithms , which are constantly improving, in order to satisfy Internet users with relevance and personalization. Yet in the Big Data jungle, Darwinian law reigns. Previously, to position yourself at the top of the Google page, SEO expertise until the 2010s consisted in amplifying the links and keywords relating to your brand.

Google or Darwinian law and natural selection

A good SEO agency must therefore have in its DNA, a strong responsiveness to the transformations of search engines. In 2015, the new kid on the block in Google algorithms. Its objective is to facilitate the understanding of requests to gain relevance thanks to links between data, in order to develop predictive analysis. Voice search in a mobile situation, which consists of starting your search with “Ok Google”, also has an impact on SEO. Today, brands have understood that natural referencing operates a cruel selection, if they are not well supported beforehand. In parallel, good SEO agencies are also faced with the need to develop their expertise and carve out talents with many facets, like diamonds. As recalled the innovation magazine : ” The Google train continues on its way, raising its level of requirements, and pushing SEO agencies to make all the more efforts to stay up to it “.


The happy spinning died. Long live the king content Many SEO experts are wondering about so-called “content spinning” techniques and their possible disappearance in the years to come via articles .on the subject. These debates, on specialized sites, are the witnesses of a fundamental reflection initiated within SEO agencies to adapt to the needs of their clients. Indeed, the creation of complex matrices, in order to generate texts, in order to raise the visibility of certain sites, was carried out to the detriment of syntactic quality. However, if the Internet user clicks on your page because it is in the first position of the ranking of the results page, the real and proven risk is his disappointment when reading your sentences, written with the sole purpose of being spotted by Google. However, it would be counterproductive for natural or paid referencing to damage a company’s brand image.

The happy spinning died. Long live the king content

Several practices exist: that of “keyword stuffing” which is based on a multiplication of keywords; that of “content spinning” which consists in breaking down content into different versions to avoid duplicate content. The latter was rejected by Google thanks to the installation of filters. Called “Google Panda” they rule out poor quality content and spam. SEO agency: evolving expertise The spirit of martial art reigns supreme to rise to a prominent place on the podium of digital visibility. This effect is reflected directly in the conversion rate, which bends, with supporting figures. Worse, in the spiral of Big Data, which is dynamic and very responsive, your site will be sucked into the throes of the Internet, far from the Internet user you want to conquer. This mechanism is called. It is relentless in consumer behavior 2.0 and tends to accelerate with the Millennial generation.

His demands are always more formidable and his time devoted to decision-making is increasingly reduced. If you do not seduce at first glance, your site falls into oblivion of the Net. Because the visitor, arriving on your page from Google, disappointed by your content, will immediately start again on the same search engine, and in less than a few seconds will visit the following result, to which he will grant a more qualitative visit time. It won’t take long for the downgrade to be felt, despite efforts to fuel the engine with keywords and links. And this phenomenon has accelerated with the arrival, which for a good year has been putting its “machine learning” to work thoroughly with the turbines. SEO agency: evolving expertise The SEO methods are already starting to feel the waves of the new pavement that Google launched in the pool of data.

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