I hope “start SEO” is on your New Years Resolutions list because these 3 mythical letters have ceased to be a buzzword for years. Let’s face Cyprus Mobile Number List it, in 2020 SEO isn’t a nice addition to your business, it’s a must-have and you’re already late! The truth is, search engine optimization (SEO) and paid advertising (SEA) will cost you money . It’s even fair to say that SEO will cost you more at the initial stage. But the trick is, SEO has long term value, whereas paid ads only have immediate effect – as long as you pay you’ll be in the search results. It should also be established that organic search generates almost 95% of all traffic. In this tone, 70-80% of visitors ignore ads , thus focusing on organic results .

I agree SEO is no easy feat, but here are 3 powerful arguments that will definitely inspire you to start SEO as soon as you finish reading this article!

Of course, the amount of money you will spend on an advertising campaign is highly dependent on your industry and your competitiveness . You will most likely spend a pretty good amount of money if you want to rank for generic keywords with tons of monthly searches. And even within your industry, there can be drastic variations in keyword costs and average costs per click. So before you decide to jump into paid advertising, it is imperative that you do the proper keyword research and calculate how much it will cost you . This is quite easy to do with the help of Google AdWords’ Keyword Planner.


5 Reasons Every Business Should Do SEO in 2020! (1/2)

Unfortunately, there are a lot of websites and businesses that have yet to add SEO into their marketing strategies. Some people think it costs an arm and a leg or that they will need to hire a specialist for this job. Others assume SEO is taking too long, so why start?

1. SEO allows you to be where your customers are
Whether you like it or not, traditional forms of marketing like print advertising, television, radio, etc. have somehow lost their power. They have become a kind of white noise that no one pays attention to . That’s why people turn to Google – it lets them find what they’re looking for in a fraction of a second . – So I think it’s only natural for consumers to use Google as a starting point for product research.


Imagine: you need to buy a coffee machine. Where would you look for it? Of course, on the search results pages of Google! The internet has spoiled consumers and disrupted habits – consumers these days are more likely to visit your website first than a physical store . In fact, 67% of Belgians shop online .

That’s why your responsibility as a marketer and business owner is to be where your customers are: on Google . More than that, you need to be visible which means your site needs to rank at the top of the first page . Therefore, ignoring SEO in 2020 is almost like denying that the Earth is round or for those who genuinely believe it is flat, it’s like shooting yourself in the foot!

Another strong argument for SEO is that organic search has been the number one source of website traffic so far . See for yourself these figures from a study by BrightEdge .

Comparison of visits by channel

Another reason you need to start doing SEO is that organic search dominates the conversion activity the most . According to the Forrester Consumer Technographics study, 49% of consumers trust research when making their purchasing decisions , and 19% admit that search engines influence their purchasing decisions . Additionally, 58% of the time, research is the last or only event in a shopping journey . Are you still undecided about SEO?

Basically what I’m trying to say is, it’s high time you incorporated an SEO strategy ! Because by the time you read this, tons of customers are already looking for your products or services on search engines .

2. Natural referencing (SEO) is much more profitable than paid advertising (SEA)
As I said at the beginning, many business owners fear the “cost” factor of SEO. Others decide to go for paid ads, believing that it costs less and gives immediate results.


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