Then this SEO / SEA internship is for you! SEO and SEA pole internship (M / F) Internship to be filled now, Rouen Required profile : You have theoretical knowledge in natural referencing and paid referencing acquired during your training, internships or as an autodidact. You appreciate the world of digital communication and have an attraction for teamwork. Your missions: Attached to the technical team of the agency, you will be in charge of assisting the project managers in their tasks: Carrying out technical, lexical and competitive audits from an SEO point of view Direct implementation of SEO optimizations on our clients’ sites Content optimization (tag, text, video, ad and image) of our clients’ sites Implementation of AdWords strategies Monitoring of results and progress of recommendations Traffic measurement and analysis using different tools Realization of advanced reports Required Skills : Know the basics of programming languages ​​HTML, CSS, JS, PHP.

Are you looking for a digital internship? Do you want to put your knowledge of natural and paid referencing into practice? Do you want to discover the world of a young and dynamic company and join a very nice team? Know how to use several CMS such as WordPress, Magento. Know Google Analytics Know Google AdWords Have the basics in Oman Phone Number List and paid referencing Qualities : A desire to learn the world of SEO and SEA Fluency in spelling and grammar required Enjoy teamwork The company: Is a digital marketing agency specializing in traffic acquisition and analysis, located in Petit (near Rouen) within the de Seine To apply : Please send your application by email to Are you interested in this SEO / SEA internship? You recognize yourself in this profile ? Do you want to join the team ? We are waiting for you.

Your missions

The new Google AdWords interface had been expected for some time, so the announcement of its generalization was well received. Less competitive, these keywords can be used as a digital strategy for better positioning . This approach will especially fruit with capable of associating the keywords of previous research and historical optimize and i NTELLIGENCE digital . In addition, natural referencing can no longer be abstracted from the mobile search associated with the voice request “Ok Google”. Moreover, mobile research has just overtaken that of the Internet user on the computer. In France, this turning point was made only a few days ago, on September 27, 2017. But it is an important indicator, as this article underlines in Les. It marks the growing evolution of consumer practices. We know, for example, that now sites offering compatibility in terms of ergonomics and services with mobile uses are favored .


Besides, did you know that the withholding of information is not the same depending on the way it is sent? Thus humans retain: 10% of what he reads 20% of what he hears 30% of what he sees 50% of what he sees and hears 70% of what he discusses with others 80% of what he experiences himself 90% of what he teaches to others So could we say that the Google brain, via will pick up more by what it hears or sees, more than by what it reads? It is undoubtedly still too early to measure the impact of mobile voice search. But Google’s ability to combine all of this data promises in any case to make it much more efficient on the one hand, but also much more powerful on the other hand, as a database on human beings.

SEO and SEA pole internship (M / F)

In this article, we already explained how this significantly transformed digital strategies .. But the most important change is that Google has adapted and that it no longer captures only isolated words, but that it captures sentences, therefore meaning. Does pick up from us what a human picks up from a conversation? Search engine analysis tools are always more efficient. The increase in images, in particular the explosion of emojis (emoticons are associated with hashtags, therefore associated with keywords), but also the increase in verbal requests are all new data which considerably modifies what machine learning captures our conversations. As Greg co-founder of the Google Brain project explains comes to the aid of traditional Google algorithms and tries to “understand” unknown words or bits of sentences, to guess what they correspond to. According to him, this tool would be used in particular to resolve ambiguous requests.

In this context, searches have been lengthened, because the Internet user speaks by sentence and no longer by keywords. When Google search decrypts your psyche In his interview with Le Monde newspaper in June 2016, he specified: “Regarding the conversation, to build an assistant that works well, you have to be able to talk to him in a natural way – and it starts. If you ask him “how long is this river?” He will know which river you are talking about. For it to work perfectly, this system should be able to ask questions, to raise issues, like when you ask it to make a reservation but the requested time is no longer available. At the moment, this is science fiction, no system is capable of doing it. But we can imagine that it will be possible within five years . “

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