Google stops the dual display of sites on page 1, which managed to get a position 0 and were referenced among the first 10 natural links. From now on, the same page of a site can only be displayed once on the first page of Google. In a series of tweets published on January 22, 2020, Google Bahamas WhatsApp Number List that it was putting an end to the dual display of the same link, when it appeared in featured snippets and in the first 10 organic results, generally in the top. 3 on the first page. The objective: to duplicate search results and allow users to have a more varied choice in natural links. If a web page is high in featured snippet, we won’t repeat it on the first page of results. This duplicates search results and helps users find relevant information more easily.

Google clarifies that this major update to its SERP display is only for the exact URL. If a site manages to get a 0 position on a query with page A and its page B is in the top 10 natural links on that same query, Google should continue to display both on the first page of its search results. A loss of visibility for sites referenced in position 0 This dual display guaranteed better visibility for the referenced sites, with an important highlighting effect from position 0, while remaining mentioned in the first organic results just below. It was less relevant from a user point of view, since the same site could be presented twice on a page, the first in this case, the one which is most commonly consulted on the Google search engine.

A loss of visibility for sites referenced in position 0

This change results in a severe loss of visibility. Because, in the event that a user decides to ignore the site integrated as a featured snippet, he will no longer find it in the rest of the SERPs, on the 1st page. While some experts may have believed that the end of this dual display would result in relegation to page 2, Google has made it clear that it does not guarantee such positioning. The natural link corresponding to the featured snippet for a given query could also be displayed well beyond page 2. The consequences of these changes in Search Console Google says its update will have no impact in Search Console in performance reports. The search engine emphasizes that it has always taken into account the highest position of a URL, with featured snippets already being counted as a single position.


The dual display was therefore not taken into account by Google before. Deduplication will not change anything at this level. But this redistribution of cards, on the first page of search results, could well have major consequences, including a drop in the click-through rate, as well as a loss of traffic, as some SEO experts have already noticed . The consequences of these changes on organic traffic A study conducted by seoClarity on 250,000 keywords analyzed the impact of this update. After Google’s update, there are no significant changes to organic traffic. The tool was based on the analysis of featured snippets from several sectors, over the period between January 10 and 23, 2020. Only a few minor fluctuations were observed in certain sectors of activity.

The consequences of these changes in Search Console

But they could be compared to the variations usually observed from one week to the next. Here is the result of these movements and the three impacted sectors: The automotive industry, on information requests: a 10% increase in traffic observed between 22/01 and 23/01 The automotive industry, on transactional requests: a 15% increase in traffic observed between 01/22 and 01/23 Finance, on informative requests: a 4% increase in traffic observed between 22/01 and 23/01 The impact of the update on the interest of position 0 If you lose your position 0 on a query and your site was listed at the top of the second page, due to deduplication, it should naturally revert to page 1. That’s what Danny Sullivan hinted at on Twitter .

Will position 0 always be the holy grail for SEO experts? As with any major update from Google, it will take patience, before seeing the real consequences of this change in the SERPs. Note also that this measure will not apply for featured snippets containing video. On the other hand, it will concern the variants of featured snippets of the Knowledge Panel type on desktop, these elements which are located at the top or to the right of the list of SERPs. Other types of automatic responses, such as Top Stories or mobile search suggestions, are also not affected by this change. MPG and Interflora, two iconic brands on social networks, came to Rennes to present their social media strategies. Very effective mechanics, which generate a lot of commitment, based on proximity and interactions with audiences.

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