Search Engine Land publishes the new 2019 version of its SEO periodic table. First created in 2011, Search Engine Land’s SEO periodic table is getting a facelift. Previous versions focused on things called “success factors”. This year, the specialized media revised its ranking. 29 elements classified into 6 groups The SEO 2019 periodic table Slovenia WhatsApp Number List both “ fundamental elements, as well as those most toxic for an SEO strategy, indicates Search Engine Land , but also those representing sectors still emerging. With this infographic, we are offering both long-time SEOs and newcomers to the industry insight into what is important to be successful in SEO . ” The elements of the table are classified into 6 distinct groups: content: which includes its quality, targeted keywords, and various formats (images, videos, etc.); architecture: with great importance for crawl, mobile optimization

Site speed; HTML: pay attention to titles, meta-descriptions, AMP pages … trust: being an authority in your field, fostering commitment and pampering your reputation; links: provide quality links, get backlinks and optimize your anchors; users: give importance to the locality of your visitors, work on the user experience, etc. On the right side of the table, Search Engine Land also classifies the toxic elements for good SEO (cloaking, keyword hiding, stolen or overly intrusive content) and emerging verticals. Improvement indices for each element Each element is finally accompanied by a number ranging from -3 to +3, allowing them to be classified according to their degree of importance in SEO. The negative elements will do serious damage to your strategy, while the positive will improve it.

29 Elements Classified Into 6 Groups

Only emerging elements do not have any signs of improvement. Among them are voice control, the ever-increasing importance of images in SERPs, video and SEO for local businesses. . For this, Nicolas Nguyen recommends installing the Keywords Everywhere plugin. It provides Google search volumes and keyword ideas. Just type the phrase “lose belly” into the search and identify expectations via the long tail. This is to better identify the themes to be addressed in his articles. You can also study the key words questions (by typing “qu *” or “how *” + “lose belly”), or the PAA. 6. Analyze the top 3 competitors In Google, look at the top 3 positions. The idea is to take the strengths of the top 3 to overcome them. For that, we have to make better, deeper content, which deals with all the themes


Better illustrated, with a catchy title etc. 7. Create an SEO brief Sometimes the brief step is set aside in the process. However, the brief makes it possible to effectively target the content to be produced as a priority and on which keywords to position oneself. It is therefore necessary to incorporate all the data collected upstream to be as precise as possible in order to allow the editor to reappropriate it and deliver optimal content. 8. Publish 9. Boost the internal authority of content, thanks to internal networking When you create your strategic content, you have to think about helping Google to identify it properly. For this it is necessary to take 10 minutes to make links from other written content to the page, on the body of the text.

Improvement Indices For Each Element

To put the right links, you have to type the name of the site + the thematic expression to see the articles in which we could add the links. Example: site: domainname + keyword . This will display the content you have posted as well as other pages that you can link to. 10. Measure performance When publishing new content, it sometimes takes 3 months of inertia to achieve optimal performance, 6 months when it comes to optimizing existing content. The value of your traffic is also measured. To find out the value of content, you can take its monthly traffic and compare it to AdWords. You will be able to see that, if you wanted to obtain the same traffic through AdWords, you would have to spend the sum which is indicated there. A good SEO optimization therefore allows you to save money on this point.

Each optimized content can thus bring in several thousand visits and turnover. By industrializing the process, we ensure strong growth and take a step ahead of our competitors. In the space of 18 months, Time Magazine even named her as one of the 25 most influential people on the Internet in 2018. She defends causes, defines herself as a democrat… Storytelling is very important here. According to Stéphane Maguet, we can ask ourselves the question of whether virtual influencers are not the new influencers of brands, causes, etc. Brands were quick to exploit this resource. Margot, Shudu and Zhi for example. 3 female avatars in the service of Balmain (one for each target of the brand), who do not speak, do not tell anything. These avatars are content to transpose classic communication into digital, with an unfilled storytelling and a single objective: to sell a product.

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