Think of an on-page SEO analysis or checking broken links and redirects. The extension also has a Google search location simulator where you can compare the (non-personalized) search results for a search term based on two different locations Hong Kong Phone Number List or languages. Handy for those who are working on SEO optimizations on their website. 11. Get inspired with Color Hunt is a fun extension for those who want to get inspired by new color schemes.

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In a new tab, a new color combination is shown. And by moving your mouse over the colors, the color codes also appear. Handy for those who are working on a new design. On the Color Hunt website, you will find many more user-submitted color palettes, which users can also vote for. It is of course a matter of taste, but the best color combinations can in principle be found under ‘Popular’. Tab with Color Hunt extension 12.

Hong Kong Phone Number List
Hong Kong Phone Number List

Test your web pages with Lighthouse Lighthouse is a handy tool to avoid creating too heavy web pages, author Linda Krijns told us. As soon as you release the extension on a page, Lighthouse performs all kinds of tests and generates a report about the performance, quality, and correctness of the web page. The report gives a good idea of ​​possible problems to solve. 13.

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