Premium plan at € 14.90 excl. Taxes per month (50 transfers and direct debits). Business plan at € 26.90 per month (100 transfers and Specimens) 3) Blank. Advanced services pro account blank Less known than Qonto or Shine for example. Blank is a professional online bank supported by the Agricole group. It is aimed at freelancers, artisans, self-employed workers, and business leaders. Defines itself as “more than a bank”. It offers very complete functionalities but also interesting services which can be very useful.

The advantages of the Blank online pro account. Visa Business bank card Integrated management tool Legal. Accounting and tax assistance Professional insurance Customer service available every day 3 months free Prices. Carte Blanche package at € 7 per month (20 transfers and direct debits included) and Carte Noire package at € 15 excl. Tax per month (50 transfers and direct debits included) 4) Revolut. Ideal for doing international business revolution pro account Revolut is an English neo-bank that is shaking up the codes. It quickly became the darling bank for entrepreneurs looking to make investments. For example in cryptocurrencies.

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What makes Revolut strong is the possibility of making and receiving free international payments. However, be aware that you will have an Italian Jamaica Phone Number IBAN. This can sometimes be a problem with the tax authorities. Revolut Business now has more than 500,000 customers. The advantages of the Revolut online banking account. Visa Business Metal bank card Physical and virtual cards Automation of expenses Integration with management. Accounting tools Free international and local payments (depending on package). Exclusive discounts on major brands (like Apple) Rates.

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Professional package at € 7 per month (5 international payments and 20 free local payments). Ultimate package at € 25 per month (10 international payments and 100 free local payments) For businesses. Development package at € 25 per month (10 international payments. 100 free local payments) and Growth package at € 100 per month (50 international payments and 1,000 free local payments) Bonus. Online pro account offers reserved for self-employed people professional. Online banking Several banks offer pro account offers reserved for auto-entrepreneurs. That is to say not accessible if you are in a company.

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We recommend 2 in particular: First, N26, the 100% mobile bank. If you like to manage everything from your smartphone. This online bank could be for you! In addition to its offers intended for individuals, N26 indeed offers an attractive business offer for self-employed entrepreneurs since it is free (for deposits up to 50,000 euros). But, like Revolut, the IBAN is foreign, German in this case. The main advantages of N26 are the cashback of 0.1% and the fact that there is 0 commission on payments abroad. Another online bank to consider if you are a self-employed person: Boursorama , one of the favorite online banks of the French.

It offers a professional online account at 9 € TTC per month for individual companies. Several services are included, such as a virtual safe to store your documents and invoices. Boursorama Pro also offers some interesting possibilities such as having an overdraft or cashing checks (which is not always possible with an online bank). Note: as part of its welcome offer, € 80 are offered if this is your first opening of an account with Boursorama. In addition to these offers, the Qonto Solo subscription , at 9 € HT per month, also meets the needs of self-employed entrepreneurs. It gives access to a Mastercard, 20 transfers per month, and more.

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