First of all, to be a good marketing project manager, you have to adapt and blend in like a chameleon. Why will you tell me? On the one hand, you Micronesia Email List have to observe your customers, understand them and even anticipate their problems and find solutions to them. On the other hand, we must do the same with the company in which we are to carry out change management. And what change? Quite simply, thinking about the customer rather than the product. Because that is what is changing before our eyes. This is the real #innovation. Of course, I can already hear you say “easy” … Well not that much. Because thinking about the customer takes time …

And often our functions are drowned in the operational and we do not have time to lift our heads from the handlebars and yet we have to. In addition, it becomes essential to make #personas, define the conversion tunnel for each of them, find effective levers (#SEO, #SEA, #SMO, #Socialselling, #Employeeadvocacy, #Affiliation, # RP2.0 , #Marketingdirect, #Emailing,…) measure to see if we stick to the objectives, readjust… It is therefore inevitable to learn new things every day as well as to appropriate new tools. Secondly, from the first days when I started to focus on the digital world, I quickly understood that my motto in this new universe would be “no generality, only the results tell you the truth!” Test and learn! ”

Thinking About The Customer Takes Time

No a priori or false certainties. No conviction, the marketing project manager must now open his chacras and be agile. This does not mean forgetting everything we have been taught on the fundamentals, on the contrary! Indeed, digital does not question the essence of marketing. I would even say that with digital, we come back to the fundamentals: Targets / Objectives / Contexts / Positioning … In short, it seems obvious and yet… how many of us have the time to do things while respecting the fundamentals? How many really know their customers ? How many do not grow products at all costs?


I share with you a top 10 of the deep convictions that I was able to hear and that I absolutely did not listen to because my target needed the opposite Facebook is a BtoC not BtoB network. After 50 years people are not using new technologies. This line of business does not go on the internet. Digital levers are not for BtoB. Marketing and sales are separate, one upstream, the other downstream. E-mails should be sent on Tuesday and Thursday! Do you really believe that an algorithm or a robot is going to be able to do things better than a human? Mail, emails and the phone are dead! Only dissatisfied customers leave reviews on the internet … In the medical field, it is only a prescription marketing one cannot think of a client.

Targets / Objectives / Contexts / Positioning …

Nevertheless, we see it every day nothing is fixed … everything is moving… so please… a piece of advice: stop and open your chacras! You have to adopt the observation of your customers but also listen to them and above all not only see the obstacles but tell yourself … and if it was possible … However, you won’t change your business, marketing or even your boss in 15 minutes… It takes patience , time and a lot of persistence. If you have other examples to share with us or just want to share your tips … Discover in this SMarketips the best qualities of a marketing project manager. You have to adapt and blend in with the surroundings like a chameleon and you have to adopt the test and learn!

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