Digitization is a ubiquitous term in all vses and smes. But what are the advantages and the challenges for the company? Regardless of the size of the company ( vse, sme, etc.), digitization is essential. It is all of the services that benefit from the digital transformation . Digitization involves the implementation of new tools that improve the internal and external communication of the company. But it also optimizes the productivity of the company. On the communication and marketing side, the digitization of the company requires the creation and implementation of a digital strategy .

Rollingbox , an agency specializing in web marketing , explains the challenges of digitalization for your sme / vse. Today, few french companies are present on the internet. 42% of smes and 75% of vses do not have a website. Unfortunately, not having a digital presence is to be invisible. This is worrying, because the advantages of digitalization are numerous. In addition, the implementation Slovenia Phone Number List of a digital strategy is accessible to all. The internet is an excellent lever for your sme, it allows you to benefit from more efficient and less expensive communication than with traditional communication media.

State of play of the digitization of smes in france

To have a website is to benefit from a showcase on the whole world. Even if an sme does not have the objective of intervening on the international market, it is essential to control its local presence (regional, departmental, etc.). The first action to take is to improve its visibility on search engines . Indeed, the first instinct of customers is to do a search on an engine such as google, to find a local service . There are many solutions to make it easy for the internet user to find you. At first, the easiest solution is to subscribe to different directories. Creating a google mybusiness account allows you to improve your local presence by being available on google maps .


Increasing its visibility means reaching more people and therefore potentially new customers. By being present on the internet you can reach people beyond your catchment area. To transform the internet user, you must give him all the information so that he can call on your services. Obtaining new customers goes through a work of seduction. A website makes it possible to explain the activity of an sme, to present its services and to improve the reputation of its company. Critical information must be easily accessible in order to simplify the user experience. Present its services and products: A website provides information on the activity of a company and its services or products 24 hours a day.

The benefits of digital transformation

Buyers prefer web to store behavior . In 2016, 91% of buyers in physical stores carried out an upstream internet search ( web to store ). Which means if you don’t have a website, customers won’t come to your store. Having a website allows an sme to present its services and products in detail. The website must be modern and well structured, because it reflects the image of the company. The images of your products must be of high quality in order to attract internet users.

The social networks are not restricted to large enterprises and activities targeting youth. On the contrary, the internet offers a number of specific social networks depending on the target that an sme wishes to reach. Social networks are a very good lever for maintaining customer relationships . For example, twitter is used today as a service platform. But social networks are also very good supports for communicating differently and disseminating messages without commercial purpose. Take advantage of facebook to share your company’s news and instagram to share the values ​​of your sme.

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