The world is more and more connected every day. This hyperconnection allows companies to reach consumers outside their catchment area. Innovations in the fields of communication and marketing are real business accelerators. As such, social networks now embody essential levers for all companies seeking to boost its activity and its presence on the internet. WHY USE SOCIAL NETWORKS? The social networks have many uses for business. First of all, they embody a platform for communication and exchanges between the company and consumers. On these platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) exchanges are bilateral.

Indeed, brands are not content to send simple “Push” messages, on the contrary they seek interaction with Internet users and this through personalized and adapted messages. The social network’s e are quickly transformed into platform service. Consumers ask their questions via Tweet or private message, hoping for a quick response. Being present on social networks improves the visibility of a brand as well as customer relations. As an SME, being present on one or more social networks helps to Romania Phone Number List build customer loyalty by giving them exclusive and relevant content through various and varied publications. Rollingbox, an agency specializing in the implementation of digital strategy gives you some advice to optimize the presence of your SME on social networks.

Before creating an account on a social network , such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, you must ask yourself some fundamental questions: why do I need to be present on this network? What are my goals? Your goals will be different depending on the chosen social network . Indeed, Internet users on LinkedIn do not have the same expectations as those on Instagram. Your goals must be consistent with your target and the social network.

Some Tips For Getting Started On Social Networks

Here are some examples of goals: – Increase the number of sales; – Improve its visibility; – Improve its notoriety; – Develop your community. First, don’t set the bar too high. Set achievable goals . It is very difficult to go from 0 to 1000 subscribers in a week. PUBLISH QUALITY POSTS: Between quantity and quality, opt for quality. It is better for your community to read quality content rather than trivial promotions and posts. What you post reflects the image of your business . It is important to remain vigilant about the content of posts published on a Facebook page or on a Twitter account. No one is safe from a bad buzz. Be careful of over- promoting your services.


Arouse the interest of Internet users with publications that aim to provide information. You must respect an 80/20 publication share. 80% informative publications versus 20% promotional publications. REACT! Networks are exchange platforms . It is therefore important to converse through posts, comments or private messages. Whether you are on Facebook or Instagram, interaction is important. Respond to messages and start a conversation through posts (example: what do you think of…?). Do not hesitate to “ like ” the publications that interest you on Twitter or Instagram. The actions make you visible . Of social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook) offer to be part of a group .

Set Achievable Goals

These groups are formed around a specific theme. Find the groups that are oriented around your activity and integrate them. You will thus be able to enrich the dialogues with your experiences and enrich your network. BUILD YOUR NETWORK: One of the key stages is the construction of its network. If you have few subscribers or followers your posts will have little impact. It is necessary to build your network in order to reach as many people as possible. Your network also reflects your influence and legitimacy in a specific area. The more qualified your network is, the more you will be recognized for your expertise. NEED A SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY?

Any presence on social networks requires a strategy. We advise you to surround yourself with experts in order to optimize your visibility on social networks and the internet. Trust the specialists of the Rollingbox agency located in Versailles. Of social media experts will accompany you from the creation to the development of your social media strategy. The appearance of chatbots makes it possible to reorganize and improve customer relations. The social networks have multiplied the points of contact between a client and a service. Some Internet users will prefer to contact a company on Twitter, others on Facebook or by email. This multiplicity is an advantage because it makes it possible to satisfy customer preferences and optimize customer relations.

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