Are you sure this is the right channel? Before you start, you have to make sure that your target is on this social network. If this is the case, then you must carefully study the behavior of your target on Snapchat to succeed in your strategy. Your posts and ads should be consistent with the usage patterns of your target audience. To better understand who Snapchat users are and what they are used for, we have dissected the latest Snapchat infographic for you . Who are Snapchat users? Snapchat strategy: who are the users you want to target? Every day, 166 million people use Snapchat . So yes, it is not comparable to the 1.28 billion daily users of Facebook, but we are dealing here with a social network that is much more segmented and targeted. When Facebook is generalist with a large and diverse audience, Snapchat brings together generally younger users.

Do you want to communicate on Snapchat? 85% of users are between 13 and 34 years old. However, the users are not as young as you might think. The 18-24 year and 25-34 year represent the largest share of users, with a share of 36% and 27% respectively, against 22% of users between 13 and 17 years old. In the United States, those over 25 represent even more Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers List 50% of users. How do they use Snapchat? Snapchat pioneered ephemeral photos and videos by launching the first of Stories. The social network has also adopted animated filters (Lenses) before other social networks deploy them themselves. Snapchat’s business is well and truly based on its fun and interactive features . What use? Snapchat strategy: who are the users you want to target? On Snapchat, people don’t just send each other simple photos and videos.

Who Are Snapchat Users?

The idea is to send funny photos and videos in which we put ourselves in scene thanks to filters . 60% of Snaps sent every day are retouched thanks to the many creative photo and video editing tools. Thus, more than a billion Snaps opened daily contain filters. And more than a third of daily active users have fun with Lenses (animated filters). When and how often? Snapchat is used daily throughout the day. If the most popular filters remain present, Snapchat varies its offer of Lenses daily. One more reason for to use the social network every day, and especially to come back to it regularly enough to see if new Stories have appeared. Snapchat strategy: who are the users you want to target? Can be used throughout the day so that you can show your friends the highlights of your last 24 hours.


However, we notice a peak of use in the evening , after school or work. The night, before bed, is the time when the social network is used the least. Snapchat strategy: who are the users you want to target? Snapchat strategy: who are the users you want to target? Throughout the day, users go to Snapchat to view their friends’ Stories, communicate with them, and even discover influencers and brands. Thus, spend an average of 30 minutes on Snapchat each day spread over several times a day, on average 18 times a day . In what context ? Snapchat strategy: who are the users you want to target? Without much surprise, users use Snapchat rather at home or during their outings (evening, event, concerts, etc.) . This is the case for 81% of them. Then, 73% of use it at home when they are watching a movie or a show on TV.

What Strategy To Adopt If Your Target Is On Snapchat?

It accentuates the idea that only the present moment counts , a moment shared with family and closest friends. Snapchat strategy: who are the users you want to target? What strategy to adopt if your target is on Snapchat? If you identify your target on Snapchat, you can consider federating a community around your brand, a smaller community, but more loyal , and / or deploying advertising campaigns. The important thing is not to lose sight of the ephemeral and playful nature of the social network as well as the notion of “moment”. Make Snapchat codes your own just like any. Also keep in mind the “quirky” aspect of the social network . This is what appeals to users, and you can afford it with the 24 hour post limit. So let go… but still remain consistent with your brand and your image.

Your content must be adapted to the emblematic format of the social network: Snaps. Create Snaps (or Snaps Ads) from 3 to 10 seconds (5 seconds maximum ideally) in which you will have to mark the spirits instantly . For your Snap Ads, take advantage of the full screen to broadcast quality advertisements in video, GIF or even format. For your Stories, take advantage of all the creative tools offered by Snapchat. Filters, Lenses, Loops (looping video), Magic Eraser (to erase objects), Emoji Draw (to draw objects with emoji) are just a few examples among many others. Finally, create interaction with your community by launching games in your Stories for example. Create custom You can create custom to promote your brand . When it is created, simply choose and submit to Snapchat teams the date and time of validity as well as the geographical location.


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