If networks are now at the heart of all attention in business, it is sometimes difficult to navigate: Do we have to be present Singapore Email List everywhere? All the time ? How to sort? It is thanks to the content that you will be able to engage in discussion with your customers and create a community around your brand. Concretely, how can you stand out while remaining consistent with your brand identity? To make brand content a strategic tool, it is necessary to set clear objectives based on the marketing levers to be associated: How to formalize the brand content approach ? How to involve your employees ? Which social networks according to the target and what issues? What KPIs to use to measure the performance of your strategy? What ROI to hope for?

The Higher Institute of Marketing , the CFPJ and Abilways Digital invite you to decipher the latest trends with this practical and interactive day . Benefit from innovative and inspiring advice from experts for your marketing strategies! Full program and registration here. What are the major trends that will mark the year in terms of social media? What are the main opportunities for marketers? While waiting to meet Mickaël GUILLOIS, CEO of Hapiz Marketing, at our next news conference on the theme “Social Media & Brand Content”, he shares his vision with us. What is your mission on earth? In one sentence: I’m talking about today’s marketing, social networks and brand experiences to be shared with customer communities to meet new consumer expectations.

If you had to name one source of inspiration in your profession, what would it be?

The zeitgeist constantly forces us to question our habits as marketers, which is what makes our job really exciting! What are the major trends of the year in terms of social media? The social has become essential – it’s a fact – but in 2019, 3 subjects are at the heart of all concerns. First of all, the loss of visibility of brand contents since the news feeds of the networks are saturated and the reach of the content is constantly getting poorer. Then, a general loss of confidence . Fake-news has of course been there and the new algorithms for social platforms now favor close relationships. Finally, a loss of meaning.



Techs, such as bots, tend to dehumanize customer relationships. It is sometimes good to ask this question again: what is useful for our community in order to capture its attention and make it want to live and share with us a great adventure? An entire program… What are the main opportunities for marketers? What good practices can we put in place today? Go back to basics by rethinking social media as a marketing playground, and not the other way around! It’s a good start. We have sometimes forgotten that the main vocation of social networks is not to sell our products… but to create a lasting bond with the members of a community to make them want to buy our offers and to viralize our message. The purpose may be the same, however the mindset is totally different.

What are the major trends of the year in terms of social media?

I am currently very interested in employee advocacy, for example, and in strategies that promote brands in the field and locally. If you had to name one source of inspiration in your profession, what would it be? A phrase from Chris Anderson, the former editor of Wired magazine: “Your brand is not what you say about it, but what Google says about it”. It has the merit of recalling that the Internet has (almost) changed everything in the lives of customers, and therefore brands. To go further, see you on May 21, 2019 for the third edition of our “Social Media & Brand Content” conference.

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