Assess which things still seem to be good. Which no longer work or Senegal Phone Number List are sensitive. Which are still uncertain. The latter category will mainly include factors whose long-term impact is still unclear. That creates the most uncertainties. Use this to map out your Senegal Phone Number List communication strategy for the coming period. All these matters will have to be communicated. By dividing them into these categories, a distinction can be made in priority. 2. Assess the information need It is now clear that employees need reliable information. But what exactly do employees want to know?

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Make a comprehensive assessment of the information and Senegal Phone Number List measures that are vital to the proper functioning of your staff. Also look at what exactly remains the same. Please provide answers to the following questions. What are the most important messages for Senegal Phone Number List all employees? What are specific messages for specific departments or employees (groups)? Which channels do you use best to address these employees? Who needs what information and when in order to function properly? Which measures and plans require specific attention? What is the purpose of your communications (e.g. creating trust, providing clarity, suppressing fake news , reassuring employees or creating a sense of unity)?

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Set up an information dissemination concept If you know what Senegal Phone Number List information employees need, you can build a concept to communicate this crucial information as effectively as possible. Again we can learn from other countries, Gartner’s analysis shows. In Senegal Phone Number List their new normal, organizations in Asia are making use of all the regular top-down communication channels they have at their disposal. Think of digital town halls , narrowcasting screens, intranets, business applications, e-mails or screensavers. Communicate frequently and in anticipation through these channels about your return to work plans and the rationale behind those plans.