These numbers show that the more you buy from Amazon, the more you return, as the company is clearly committed to making the customer experience as smooth as possible with every purchase. Consumers know what service to expect and that’s why they are going back. Forbes magazine said: “Amazon has earned our trust by delivering the products we want, on time, intact, in the same packaging and consistently.” And this confidence across the Atlantic is such that some even consider letting Amazon delivery people go home ! In France, it is more mixed.

You can order just about anything there and what’s more, they are very strong in customer satisfaction . But we’ll come back to that. It is therefore not surprising that Amazon is also quite simply the 5th most visited site in France , behind and .fr, YouTube and Facebook. Just that. 2. Amazon figures: customer confidence Amazon figures 2022 The trust capital that Amazon enjoys is enormous. And it is justified. According to an Amazon survey of more than 2,000 American customers, 89% of buyers say they prefer to buy a product from Amazon rather than another brand (Feedvisor, 2019).

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Amazon is the leader in e-commerce ranking in France. The number of monthly visitors is crazy: more than 152 million users in France in 2021 (Statista 2021). In the US, Amazon is the most visited site with 2.73 billion mobile users and it is interesting to Bahamas Phone Numbers see that the second position is far behind: eBay “tops out” at 855 million. Smartphone shopping has exploded lately and Amazon has been able to position itself well in this area. Already on desktop, one of Amazon’s strengths was ease of purchase, but now you can enjoy it anywhere, anytime.

Bahamas Phone Numbers
Bahamas Phone Numbers

If you are looking for ideas for selling on Amazon or if you need some inspiration to develop your own online store. These Amazon numbers are going to get you going. In this top 10 Amazon figures to know in 2022 you will find in particular: Amazon CA Amazon best sellers Amazon France turnover Amazon sales statistics Don’t wait to get started. Trust yourself and become your own boss. START FOR FREE Amazon figures: number of Amazon customers amazon customer figures At this point, we are no longer talking about popularity, but celebrity.

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And we already know that the arrival of Covid19 has been very beneficial to it. Amazon has become synonymous with online shopping. And its crazy growth continues with unceasingly new products, new acquisitions and an infinity of services which attracts more and more new customers. Amazon does not have a customer target. He targets the world. And it is in a good position to conquer it, because today, we look to Amazon for anything and everything.

Before taking a tour of these amazing Amazon figures, a bit of background. In 1994, a guy tinkered with an e-commerce site in his garage. This guy’s name is Jeff Bezos, and his site is called Amazon. Already in 2019, Amazon had become the most powerful brand in the world. Dethroning Google and Facebook. It’s only after that they read the message written above… Possibly. Our advice Compose your image, thinking about the specific format. Instagram so that it is not truncated at the risk of losing its effectiveness.

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