A survey conducted by Cision among 380 directors of communications in France reveals their feelings about digital transformation software suite for media relations, social media management and Hungary WhatsApp Number List  to 380 communications directors. Here are their responses. Digital transformation is well taken into account According to them, communication professionals have taken hold of the subject. Only 1% consider it bullshit, when 86% find it necessary, or even consider it obvious. They are even 63% to be rather or very ahead on the subject Artificial intelligence is not a matter of concern For those in charge of communication departments, artificial intelligence is an asset in the deployment of their strategy.

Two in three think that it will improve the efficiency of their actions, 72% that it will allow them to refocus on their important tasks. 23% still think that it has a negative impact on human relations. Better use of data is expected The issue of data is everywhere: how to use it better? It is an important subject in communication, but one that still needs to be explored. 87% of communication directors therefore believe that they have not delved into the subject sufficiently. One objective particularly stands out in this area: to measure the results of communication actions. The tools to drive digital transformation Acquiring tools seems necessary to lead your digital transformation. And the need seems important, since 72% of communication departments do not feel sufficiently equipped.

The Tools To Drive Digital Transformation

Among the tools most cited as being necessary, those relating to media & social listening monitoring come first, ahead of social media management tools and those of graphic design. Lack of training, the main obstacle to digital transformation The main obstacle to digital transformation mentioned by training directors is the lack of training and understanding of objectives (66%). It is ahead of the lack of budget (64%) and the lack of support from the codir (43%). Social networks at the forefront of communication media The communication media that have seen their increase the most are social networks. Websites, emailings and video channels are also on the increase. While press releases are stagnant, blogs and promotional items are on the decline.


Finally, the podcast, brochures and mail are used very little. Globally, digital PR is on the rise, while traditional media advertising is on the decline. Viuz is organizing a new edition of Marketing Remix. This is the event for digital decision-makers: come and meet your peers on November 7 in Paris! Marketing Remix is one of the most popular events for BDM. It brings together, for a day, all of the digital marketing decision-makers in Paris. The event will be held like last year at the Marceau auditorium, in the 8th arrondissement. Sign up: you get 50% off with the BDM code . The 2019 Marketing Remix program There are many topics that affect marketing decision-makers: optimizing the customer experience, advertising in the post-cookie era, the real impact of artificial intelligence, changes related to the GDPR, the “crisis of consent ”.

Social Networks At The Forefront Of Communication Media

connected television, privacy, trust, transparency, customer knowledge, activation, changes in professions… All these subjects will be discussed during Marketing Remix. Experienced and inspiring speakers During the event, many renowned speakers will speak. These men and women define and manage the marketing, data or digital strategies of Carrefour, Renault, Orange, Yves Rocher, Pinterest, Accor, Danone Dairy, Prisma Media, etc. The Marketing Remix format is as follows: short conferences, to get to the point, and special moments to meet colleagues Attend the Marketing Remix 2019 event Go to the official Marketing Remix website to register . We remind you that you benefit from 50% reduction with the BDM promo code. Places are limited, we advise you to reserve your place quickly.

Users of the free tool designed by are limited to 3 scans per day. Overall, this is an overview of the features of Moz’s paid suite; the publisher does not forget to encourage users to test its pro version. Again, this tool won’t replace professional SEO analysis services For example, you can get occasional support from an expert on a particular subject, paying only for the hours spent with the latter. This can be done in the form of coaching, account interventions or training. Want to go further ? You can also delegate all or part of the management of your campaigns to SEISO consultants. For any information, you can simply contact them. Teams can manage campaigns in 8 different languages.


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