Kantar has identified 12 trends and predictions in the digital and media industry for the year 2020. In its global report entitled “Media Trends and Predictions 2020”, Kantar outlines the main directions of the media landscape to come, with new technological trends on the program, such as the long-awaited arrival of 5G, and the evolution of brands and Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List market. 2020 will be an exciting year for marketers. The growing possibilities of advertising and content, as well as the data generated, create a plethora of opportunities for the market; but these new perspectives bring new challenges ”, analyzes Anne-Lise Toursel, Director of Media & Creative expertise, Insights Division, at Kantar. 5G will be launched in 2020. Among the major world powers, China is the pioneer with more than 10 million of its inhabitants already subscribed to 5G.

The advantages of 5G With many opportunities offered in most industries, high-speed mobile internet will allow marketers to reach and engage consumers more broadly. Compared to the current 4G, the switch to 5G should bring: Increased connectivity with more connected devices Reduced connection latency with near-instant data transfers 20 times faster download speeds Among the technologies that should benefit from the arrival of 5G, note the Internet of Things and connected technologies in general. “ With richer, more immersive content, brands will be able to connect with their customers anytime, anywhere ,” the report said. The streaming war is declared While television still dominates the television landscape, streaming continues to gain ground. And 2020 will not be an exception in this area.

New technological trends: the arrival of 5G and the battle for streaming

In particular, we will be able to follow the launch of the Salto video platform , co-supported by TF1, France Télévisions and M6, to face competition from market players such as Netflix and Amazon, and the imminent arrival of Disney +, scheduled for March 31. 2020 in France . Kantar thus predicts a convergence of television, streaming and online video. The evolution of brands in 2020 If some brands have embarked on 100% digital, 2020 could mark a return to the “physical” world. Kantar predicts a rebalancing between short-term performance and building a brand image, which takes longer to put in place. For digital players, it will be about rebuilding trust between consumers and brands, who want to re-anchor themselves in reality, with a greater number of user experiences.


More responsible data For better targeting of consumers, brands will continue to rely on data with, as a major issue, to respect a certain ethics on the protection of personal data. New ways of communicating will appear in 2020 with personalized communication campaigns, more focused on the individual and the technology used. More and more committed brands As influencer marketing should enter the age of reason, with more systematic strategic metrics analysis, brands should continue to engage and take action to support great causes. In a societing approach, ” the company is not a simple economic actor which adapts to the market, but a social actor which evolves in the societal context “. What future for advertising in 2020 Among the major trends to come,

The evolution of brands in 2020

Opportunities will be at the key for the media and advertisers, announces Kantar. The crumbling of cookies For their part, the use of cookies, which make it possible to activate and evaluate digital campaigns through the collection of user data, should crumble. In question, the growing  represented by the use f adblockers. While cookies will not completely disappear from the advertising landscape, advertisers will have to find new methods and opt for substitute solutions, in the context of an ecosystem seeking more transparency. Audio boom and new advertising formats According to Kantar, audio advertising is expected to experience a new era in 2020. The podcast market will become more measurable. Result: advertisers and brands will be able to better understand their ROI and invest in this market.

2020 should also be marked by the arrival of new “shoppable” advertising formats, which should become widespread. This is only the beginning: within a few years, the relevance of the results returned by search engines, and especially by assistants such as Siri, Alexa or Google Home will improve significantly thanks to AI and advances in natural language processing. To the point of making us gradually give up entering keywords to formulate a query to an engine. The figures speak for themselves: by offering conversational support, the conversion rate is estimated at 10%; using a website with an email application the conversion rate increases to 20%. the phenomenon of esports will gain even more popularity and followers in 2020. New business.

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