Publishes a barometer which gives an overview of conversion among web players. A very interesting content which shows the points to be optimized in its acquisition. Based on 2.6 billion sessions, 14.1 billion page views and 400 sites, the study provides a very interesting vision of the Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List and the ROI of acquisition actions according to the sectors. Visits do not have the same value depending on the sites concerned. The revenue per customer visit ranges from 1 to 13 depending on the sector, with travel being the most profitable sector. E-commerce players must choose between strategies favoring the average basket and strategies centered around conversion. For industries where the average basket is much higher (travel, luxury), a perfect user experience is essential. For others, the need to purchase makes UX less important. The conversion rates on desktop are much higher than on mobile.

The danger for brands is real because the share of mobile traffic is increasing every year: 35% in 2015, 52% in 2018. Low mobile conversion is therefore weighing more and more on overall revenues. Brands therefore have this problem to bear in mind in their conversion management. Forms are an interesting format for generating leads. But the format records very low completion rates, and an abandonment rate of 78%. The acquisition costs being high, it is important to succeed in keeping the visitors who want to register. The click and collect is a question of survival for the traditional actors. It allows them to have conversion rates equivalent to those of pure players. Even if mobile acquisition converts less well, mobile purchasing is a real trend, especially in luxury. Spontaneous buying does not exist.

Colossal mobile income opportunities

The conversion in 1 single visit is rare, it takes an average of 3.5 sessions before purchase. The three stages of “inspiring, guiding, and getting people to buy” are therefore essential. The unmissable event of inbound marketing and digital returns for its third edition on Tuesday January 28, 2020 in Rennes. Here are the highlights of the program exclusively. The BDM has the honor of being once again a partner of Inbound Marketing France, for its third edition. This year, this partnership will be even more successful than in previous years, notably with two tables hosted by us. Exclusively, we are pleased to announce the big names who will be present at the event. Enough to make you want to quickly reserve your place for January 28!


Inbound Marketing France was strong in 2019 with the presence of Rand (CEO of Sparktoro), Jonathan Dick (VP Marketing of HubSpot), Cécile Van (Managing Director – Europe, Google) and Romain (YouTube influencer). This year, IMF will again welcome high-level speakers: In total, around fifty speakers were selected for more than 35 masterclasses and conferences, 6 round tables and 3 workshops. More than ten themes will be covered, whether it is inbound, digital marketing or the business world in general. To give you even more desire to come, here are 5 interventions not to be missed: [Round table] The B2B / B2C customer experience , or how this lever can allow you to create engagement with your current and future consumers. [Workshop] The digital toolbox : return to the eponymous work by its two authors, Stéphane Truphème and Philippe Gastaud.

Bricks & mortars are catching up with pure players

After welcoming more than 1,000 marketing professionals in 2019, Inbound Marketing France had to bet on promising new products to take it up a notch. In addition to the big names that were announced above, you can count on three major innovations this year: Two levels of expertise: IMF being very rich in conferences, it is important to prepare well for its coming to make the most of the program. This is good, two levels of expertise are now visible for each intervention, to allow you to adapt your choices according to your maturity. Free audits : IMF is a concrete event. The goal is for everyone to come out having learned things that they can put into practice quickly. In this context, what could be more logical than being able to discuss on site with professionals?

This year, you will be able to discuss for free with experts and benefit from audits in web ergonomics, social networks or even SEO. Inbound Strategy Prize 2020 : a prize will be awarded this year to recognize companies that have the best inbound marketing strategies. Proof by example, a good way to learn! Partner of Inbound Marketing France since its inception, the BDM will be an actor of the event this year, since we will have the pleasure of hosting two round tables. The first will be dedicated to the personification of brands on social networks, with testimonials from Mon Petit and, who have brilliantly succeeded in building a quality online presence. The second will highlight three tools that make it easier to run an online community, interact with it and optimize its engagement.


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