Influence4You and Hype On the occasion of the tenth edition of SMX Paris, of which BDM has the honor of being a partner, we interviewed, member of the steering committee. To celebrate its tenth edition, SMX Paris has seen the big picture, with a high level guest of honor: John Mueller, India WhatsApp Number List Trends Analyst at Google, who will present the trends to come in 2020. Many other conferences, keynotes and Networking moments will also be on the program of this unmissable event for search marketing professionals, which will take place on November 18 and 19 in Paris. To find out more about the planned festivities, we spoke with of the steering committee. The SMX Paris is a reference event dedicated to search marketing: conferences deal of SEO, SEA, strategies on social networks, and more globally of strategies on digital marketing.

The event is aimed at all those interested in these topics. Digital marketers, marketing managers or executives working in e-commerce or the media, from large accounts or smaller structures, come to enrich their knowledge and meet Search experts, freelancers or agency employees. specialized. The SMX Paris will take place on November 18 and 19, at the Business Center, in Paris. Note that during the evening of the first day, the SEMY Awards ceremony will reward the best Search campaigns of the year. These are the only French prices in this sector, so it is also a highly anticipated meeting in addition to the conference cycle. What are the major themes of this year’s conference? There are several. The latest impacting web innovations, such as the latest generation web sites and formats, will have their place with conferences dedicated to Progressive Web Apps (PWA) or in AMP format.

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The Team will come to detail its pioneering experience on PWAs. Instagram stories or new Google Ads and Facebook features will also be discussed. Machine learning will be in the spotlight, as will voice marketing. What novelties are expected for this new edition? To be frank, all the conferences! All the themes will be new and original. A conference on Edge SEO will be very original and will undoubtedly shake up certain achievements, because it can be an original lead when the usual leads no longer work. I say no more because I think that some professionals will discover a lot of things, and this will undoubtedly generate debates. The podcast conference also tackles this theme with an angle never seen before ( “Should we bet on the podcast for voice marketing in 2020?” ) And high-level speakers from Prisma, Slate and Radio France.


What will be the highlights in terms of speakers and program? There will be many. You can see them on the dedicated page. One of the highlights will undoubtedly be the intervention of John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google. It is the official voice of the search engine, listened to and analyzed closely around the world! We are very proud to bring in such a personality. During his keynote, John Mueller will answer questions from those present and also during the day in one to one to those who have booked. The keynote dedicated to Instagram stories, with the testimony of Michel and Augustin, will certainly be a highlight. There are also several conferences on themes that seemed important to us today such as those on winning strategies in terms of converting Google Ads campaigns, reporting via Data Studio, image referencing, International SEO, marketing strategies.

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audiences on Google Ads and Google Analytics. The brothers’ conference on PageRank may seem to touch on one of the basics of SEO and yet we bet it will teach even the most seasoned professionals. This is already the tenth edition of the SMX. How do you see its evolution over the years? The sector has become clearly professionalized, structured and industrialized. Interventions, questions and expectations are much sharper today. This does not prevent: Search Marketing, and digital marketing as a whole evolve very quickly and it is always impossible to be at the forefront of everything. It quickly becomes difficult to see a major emerging trend. This is what makes events such as the SMX so interesting, which allows you to stay connected to the trends and essential developments in the sector.

What makes the SMX a unique event in its sector? The SMX Paris is one of the few well-established events, since it is celebrating its 10th edition this year. Few events in this sector can boast of it. The SMX Paris also stands out from other events by highlighting feedback with the presence on stage and in the audience of a large number of advertisers. These testimonials come from major accounts or well-known brands. This avoids having too theoretical or promotional conferences: the speakers know what they are talking about, they come to detail what they have set up. Auditor draw a portrait of Instagram influence in France in 2019, between excesses and opportunities. The influence continues to be debated, in substance as in form. Between brands that are reluctant to leave control to content creators, fake followers and other manipulations of clichés and the hiding of likes

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