A study presents the state of play and the remuneration in force in the main digital sectors in 2020: IT development, design, project management and marketing. The study carried out on the recruitment firm Urban Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List shows that a war for talents is currently taking place in the context of the digitalization of the economy. While location has become an important factor for candidates, salary variations of around 7.5% to -7.5% have been observed depending on the region. The study is based on observations made in the main French cities (with more than 200,000 inhabitants), where 95% of recruitments were made. In the upper part of the salary range mentioned are cities such as Lyon, Bordeaux, Nantes or Lille. Rennes, Toulouse, Nice, Grenoble or even Marseille are found at the median.

While other cities, such as Saint-Etienne, Montpellier, Strasbourg or even Dijon, are located between the median and the lower part of the range. It should also be noted that many companies have double teams, one based in Île-de-France and another in the regions. Followed by a large community, JavaScript has become an essential language. Recruitment needs within companies have been growing rapidly for 2 years because the profiles of specialized developers (front-end, back-end or fullstack) are experiencing a real shortage. Thus, javascript developers will receive higher remuneration than those who master other languages, due to the shortage of recruitments. On the technology side, Angular, React and Vue.js are the three most used front-end frameworks, according to the study conducted by Urban Linker.

Inventory and salaries in web development

Among the trends to note, Node.js developers are moving towards full stack when they gain more experience. Profiles mastering Node.js in addition to a front-end framework get higher than average salaries. The study also notes that purely front-end expertise, at a senior or lead developer level, is increasingly valued, as is that of full stack profiles. Mastery of other technologies such as TypeScript, Babel and Ecma Script (ES6 +) standards can significantly increase developers’ salaries. The trend to follow in 2020: Svelte.js. Salaries for the profession of JavaScript developer, depending on experience and location of the position: High-performance and endowed with a rich ecosystem, PHP is the language most commonly chosen by companies to code a mobile application. Its community of developers is also the most populous in France.


In the regions, PHP developers were recruited the most by French startups, according to the Urban Linker study. Among the requests, companies specifically targeted the Symfony and Laravel frameworks. In terms of CMS, the most used platforms are still WordPress, Drupal, Magento or Prestashop. The trend to follow in 2020: the interoperability of PHP frameworks. Among the other specialties of web developers, find below the salaries in the regions and in Île-de-France for the job of developer Ruby, .Net, Java, Python, mobile and DevOps: Ruby Developer : 38-45K € for confirmed profile and 45-55K € for a senior profile in regions; 39-46K € for a junior profile, 47-57K € for a confirmed profile and 55-67K € for a senior in IDF.

Other salaries for web and mobile developers

While the UX market is currently experiencing a shortage of candidates, the UI sector is very competitive. The difference in remuneration for this profession can vary between startups and agencies, which have the opportunity to work on different types of projects, websites as well as applications. Profiles with dual UX / UI skills, with expertise in interface creation and information architecture, will have an undeniable advantage in obtaining higher remuneration. It should also be noted that more and more UX profiles are supplementing their training with skills in HTML / CSS integration or in front-end development to animate applications. They are “creative technologists”. As for UI profiles, those who focus on creating web and / or mobile products with expertise in designing SaaS applications are hired as “Product Designer”. The salaries observed for project and product managers are comparable to those for developers.

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