Changing the world through food? David Garbous, strategic marketing director at Fleury Michon believes in it. Elected marketing Indian Email List personality in 2012 (as part of the Marketing Innovation Trophies), he feels invested with a responsibility. A misguided profession for several years, David Garbous is convinced that marketing must regain a central place in the company in order to better transform the offer. Responsible marketing, he says, is the key to standing out. He thus wishes to spread this certainty to as many people as possible. You have been Strategic Marketing Director at FLEURY MICHON for almost 7 years, what have been your main challenges? I joined Fleury Michon following my meeting with Régis Lebrun (former managing director). It was a real crush because he wanted to develop the company by integrating subjects around commitment and responsibility.

The success of my sustainable agriculture project at Lesieur in 2004 and then my election as marketing personality of the year in 2012 gave me the legitimacy to carry this ambition. We had designed my position around a flagship mission: to federate a common brand discourse despite our different types of offer (caterer, delicatessen and seafood caterer). With this objective, we were able to move from a product-oriented brand discourse to a customer-oriented discourse by strengthening our proximity to the latter. However, barely 15 days after my arrival, a major crisis impacted my roadmap: the Spanghero affair (the scandal of horse meat sold as beef). Also, even if Fleury Michon products were not directly concerned, we were, despite everything, mobilized by the reinsurance issues that resulted from it. From this scandal arose the major challenge of my 7 years at Fleury Michon: addressing the subject of trust.

What qualities should a Strategic Marketing Director have?

What major changes have affected your industry and your profession since your arrival? In the age of communities and social networks , I see a general tendency to distrust the authorities. Marketing must therefore completely rethink the way it works. This social issue is, of course, very difficult but fascinating. As a brand, we must win back consumers by working on the axis of trust. It is now essential to focus on transparency and the dissemination of evidence. This is why, at Fleury Michon, we have invited consumers to come and discover our practices directly . This posture has been the main focus of our communication campaigns for our product “Surimi”. Unprecedented in the agrifood sector, this campaign left its mark on people’s minds and opened up dialogue with our customers and shared our convictions.


This action gave even more weight to our mission because integrating elements of responsibilities into our offer has turned out to be a real business opportunity. Have you been redefining the FLEURY MICHON brand platform in recent years? How would you describe her now? We formalized it very factually in 2014 after the success of the Surimi campaign. I then organized an important seminar to collectively bring out what brought us together as Fleury Michon but also what distinguished us. The objective was to identify our mission, that is, why we get up in the morning. From this reflection emerged the following sentence: “help men eat better every day”. Each word has its importance because they all translate a commitment of empathy, closeness, service and humanity.

What qualities / skills are you looking for in your teams?

Our formulation marks our ambition to constantly improve our offer, never to be satisfied but to adopt all the new improvement trends. We want to invent solutions for a new world. Since 2014, we have therefore rebuilt, on this new basis, our marketing plan and defined new KPIs. This clear and structuring mission gave us the audacity to change. In practice, this translates into: A strengthened position : Fleury Michon is the 1 st industrial society to implement the Nutriscore on a voluntary basis. Better readability of the quality of our products by proactively displaying the origin of the meats used. These strong decisions made us stand out a lot. And we went even further by launching our “0 nitrite” range. Unimaginable 5 years ago, this structuring decision had 3 major consequences:

We told about our choice and its impacts during campaigns that have borne fruit: With consumers: 40% repeat purchase rate, which is twice that of other products in this market. With professionals: our “non-conformist” campaign during Black Friday was awarded the Strategies prize of November 2019 Nutritional and environmental issues have become strategic for your brand. What is your secret so that your performance is as virtuous as your commitments? Consistency and consistency: are the pillars of our latest decisions: from Nutriscore to the elimination of nitrite. By speaking out on these topics on our various social networks, we generated 60% of positive or neutral comments. We have therefore built a relationship of trust with our consumers.

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