Data Mining is not new, but it does require acquiring some data. Data Mining is the act of extracting the data that comes from the collection Norfolk Island Email List of data, which will be crossed with other data in order to find a pattern or a correlation between these data. This makes it possible to demonstrate that in a company, there is a trend which shows that type X products are heavily purchased during type Y events and especially during period N. Data Mining is therefore the act of processing our data. Share on Facebook Share on TwitterThis month, we invite you to discover the profession of project manager, a profession in full change.

What skills and know-how are essential for this profession? To answer these questions, sign up for our breakfast! ISM Team Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Linkedin The marketing jobs of tomorrow episode 2: the project manager After the success of our first breakfast on the evolution of professions and the obsolescence of marketing skills, we have decided to continue our saga every month by inviting you to discover a profession from our organizational chart of the future! The specialization of professions, cross-functional skills and new professions linked to artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, connected objects, etc. are set to develop . T

Push Back The Marketer’s Expiration Date By Becoming A Chameleon!

his month, we invite you to discover the job of project manager . Whether he is a marketing manager, web project manager, marketing director … the project manager is now a real chameleon . Indeed, he must adapt every day and above all never stop learning new methods, technologies and tools. Indeed, the terms SEO, SEA, Social selling, SMarketing, Inbound, Customer experience and many others are now part of his daily life. How to understand all these changes? What skills and know-how are essential for this profession? To answer these questions, sign up for our breakfast ! Thursday February 15 from 8:30 am to 10 am 35 rue du Louvre, Paris 2nd Come in large numbers, come with a friend, we offer you breakfast! [ATTENTION] Limited number of places!


How to centralize and formalize a brand content approach within a decentralized structure? How to harmonize the processes and define a shared editorial line? Which ambassadors to rely on? While waiting to meet Kévin NAYRAGUET on the occasion of the conference “Social Media & Brand Content: take power over your content!” », He gives us his vision. The “portrait” question – What is your mission on earth? You have 280 characters! In life, learn from everyone, out of desire. In my job, trying to make as many people as possible understand so that everyone can flourish in confidence. Either way, be where I haven’t been yet. I let myself be guided by novelty. The “pitch” question – Can you give us a pitch on the brand content approach at Ramsay Générale de Santé?

The “pitch” Question – Can You Give Us A Pitch On The Brand Content Approach At Ramsay Générale De Santé?

The Group is a very decentralized structure: no one is treated at Headquarters;). Our contacts are in private hospitals and clinics. Near home, we know the nearest health facility, but not necessarily its parent company. Our first objective is there: to connect establishments to the Brand. This involves many levers, in particular the feedback of information. It is then up to us to work on processing this “useful” material in order to bring it to the attention of patients and carers wherever they are under a Group banner. The “HR” question – What qualities should a Social Media Manager have? Listen before you speak. One can have skills without specific knowledge. Knowing your subject allows you to be legitimate in the eyes of the greatest number . Alongside individuals who save lives, we can only learn.

We must remain humble and bring what we were recruited for… with perseverance. On this point, time is a precious ally. In terms of skills, ICT, marketing, management and multimedia creation! The “inspiring” question – If you had to name one source of inspiration in your profession, what would it be? Julien Couvrand, whom I had the pleasure of discovering during the first edition of the Social Media & Brand Content conference last year. In addition to promoting a noble subject (COP 21 and 22), he gives value to digital communication and, above all, he knows how to do it with conviction. Technology allows a lot, pedagogy does it all. Kevin NAYRAGUET Kévin NAYRAGUE T began his career as Multimedia Project Manager at Lagardère Publicité in 2007, before becoming Multimedia Project Manager in 2012

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