SXO is presented as a new transversal approach, halfway between natural referencing (SEO) and user experience (UX). Rollingbox takes stock of this user-centric digital strategy. The ways of searching on the internet have diversified in recent years, driven in particular by new nomadic uses linked to mobiles, but also voice search and the rise in local results . These developments have led Google Search to rethink the way it indexes the pages of websites in order to present the most relevant results to Internet users potentially interested in the content of the sites in question.

This is reflected in the progressive enrichment of the content of the search results pages with the following elements:- local results (linked to the Google Pigeon algorithm)- the Knowledge Graph – “featured snippets” (optimized snippets in search results) Consequently, the classic criteria which until then defined the optimization of natural referencing (“clean” HTML code, optimized Portugal Phone Number List content, quality external links) for almost 20 years are insufficient to achieve good positioning in the results pages of Google.

Sxo: Definition

Thus, it is the user experience that must be placed at the heart of the concerns to be more credible in the eyes of Google. Who says user experience says well thought out journey on the website to convert a visitor into a lead or a customer. Behind this umpteenth marketing term hides a combination of the words SEO (for search engine optimization , or natural referencing optimization) and UX (for user experience , or user experience). The SXO offers a much more global vision that SEO as it relates not only to the traditional techniques of SEO but also includes issues related to the user experience to improve the conversion rate ( CRO Conversion Rate Optimization or Optimization rate conversion).


Concretely, a good SEO strategy should be based on mastering the following three elements, namely content, information architecture and site reputation (external links). The SXO adds the following criteria: – performance (page loading time, optimization for mobile browsing), – the quality of the landing pages, – usability and accessibility, This means, in other words, that the ergonomics of the site thus becomes as important as the content. Setting up an SXO- oriented strategy is therefore based on mastering the basics of SEO but also on the quality of the content on the website and understanding the user’s intention.

Your Sxo Strategy With Rollingbox

User experience is at the heart of our approach to web marketing. This is why we offer our customers to integrate SXO as one of the main levers of their digital strategy according to their objectives and their constraints. If you would like to know more about our SXO expertise within our web agency , why not contact us and discuss it over a coffee? Times of consultation, frequency of receipt, reasons for unsubscribing … If you are wondering about the behavior of French Internet users towards emails, this infographic based on a survey conducted by the SNCD and NP5 among 3000 people surveyed will give you many answers .

Are you in this situation with a site hosted in HTTP? It’s time to take the necessary steps to switch to HTTPS and avoid disappointments in terms of natural referencing, when Google will deploy the Chrome update at the start of the next school year. Specialized in web development, our Rollingbox agency is fully able to meet your needs in terms of HTTPS protocol. Contact us today for a free quote.

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