Video marketing is establishing itself as the flagship format on social media. Which platform to choose according to its brand, target and activities? What Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Email Lists are the trends and best practices for an impactful video? While waiting to meet Sébastien PERRON on the occasion of the conference “Social Media & Brand Content: take power over your content!” », He gives us his vision. The “portrait” question – What is your mission on earth? You have 280 characters! Professionally, I have the impression that it’s talking about digital and online video to everyone and all the time: from the student fan of social networks to large media groups, including brands. , football clubs or even my relatives. But I love this ! The “pitch” question – Can you pitch Twistit to us in one sentence?

Twistit is a young consulting company, based in Lyon and specializing in digital marketing, which supports its clients in their digital strategy by playing the role of consultant, trainer or even facilitator of reflection, depending on the assignments. If you want to know more, it is best to go to our site ! The “challenge” question – What are the main obstacles for SMEs to overcome in their digital shift? I see two essentially: first to succeed in putting themselves 100% in the shoes of their customers, and to think of an ideal user experience for them, and then to implement a profound transformation of their own organization . The overwhelming majority of functions are impacted. But the game is worth the candle. Digital is a great opportunity for SMEs, but requires constant adaptation,

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because everything is changing all the time. The “trends” question – Live, vertical videos, 360 ° video, virtual reality… what are the development prospects for the video format? Online video will represent 80% of internet use by 2020 , and is becoming more and more protean. YouTube remains a solid leader with videos to consume when you want and on all devices. Facebook has taken a step ahead of live, and will have to dethrone with Internet users and the media who have made it their playground. 360 ° and VR offer exciting perspectives in terms of storytelling, the challenge being to democratize them among Internet users and content makers, which is what Google and Facebook are working on in particular.


The real trend is the explosion of stories. Invented by Snapchat, popularized by Instagram, and copied by everyone else, even YouTube with its Reels. The ephemeral video allows you to start a conversation with your community, in a more informal and less professional way. The “inspiring” question – A model, a source of inspiration, a brand with whom you dream of collaborating? At the moment, I admire the work of Monoprix on their packaging and their recent campaigns on social networks, in particular with the short film #Laitdrolelavie which makes people go through all the emotions, but also #UnCrushChezMonoprix and #Reversiblestory . Breathtaking adaptation to each platform and its codes.

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More generally I admire those who dare to take the plunge because they see a lack to be filled, for example an American fan of climbing who decided to manufacture his own equipment … and created Patagonia, more than $ 750M in turnover. business today. There are so many other examples! Sebastien perronAfter 15 years advising clients and partners in their digital strategy within TF1, Google and recently YouTube, Sébastien founded with 2 partners Twistit , a digital marketing consulting company, to continue to support companies, in particular SMEs, in their digital shift. Former director of YouTube partnerships for the French market, he has witnessed the explosion of online video. From Cyprien to TF1 via Endemol or PSG, he has worked to contact advertisers, media and new creators in their understanding of the platform and the growth of their audience.

Sébastien was a speaker at the conference organized by ISM , in partnership with the CFPJ and ABILWAYS DIGITAL , dedicated to Social Media & Brand content, on March 29, 2018.As promised, a small SMarketips session for those who want to make great presentations! Want to impress your colleagues, your boss and even your customers? “Wow Estelle, your power point is really beautiful” ^^ SMarketer yes, but not a graphic designer! We all face one day when we have to make a presentation … Not long ago, I discovered a super useful tool that saved me a lot of working hours … Slide carnival! You will be able to discover templates there (that means models for digital neophytes lol) In these famous templates the masks are ready- made and you also have a series of very useful icons to feed your Power Points. Since my discovery,

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