The Brand Content Manager now occupies a strategic position, discover our selection of tools to facilitate his missions. ISM Team Share Vietnam Email List on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Linkedin Thinking in a structured way your brand content strategy and content management is essential to its success. To carry them out and ensure their daily follow-up effectively, many tools exist to make your task easier. Here is our selection of essential content creation tools: 1 – Ensure effective monitoring to optimize content management and its creation One of the main challenges of the Brand Content Manager is to keep abreast of the latest news and constantly renew his ideas in order to produce more and more content.

How to find this information? How can I follow all the news from my favorite media? How to sort out the mass of information circulating? This is the challenge at a time when time has become a precious and scarce resource. Somewhat fallen into disuse, content aggregators are thus regaining all their legitimacy at a time when sources of information and inspiration are multiplying. The most popular of these is undoubtedly the Feedly content aggregator. Easy to learn and with a free interface that is rather rich in the features offered, Feedly is the optimal solution, especially for beginners. This tool allows you to group your sources to follow but also suggests related ideas. In this way, it becomes easier to identify the topics of interest justifying the creation of content.

1 – Ensure Effective Monitoring To Optimize Content Management And Its Creation

Find new ideas for content creation through brainstorming Samantha Noyon, Brand Content expert , has designed Nestor , an original and fun brainstorming tool that stimulates your individual or collective ability to discover original and unique ideas. Nestor is an easy-to-use kit that mobilizes creativity to find the best ideas and use them strategically. Its principle of playing cards shows that bringing out new ideas is not necessarily difficult but on the contrary to be accessible and fun! The game aspect does not detract from the seriousness of the techniques used, which guarantee the operational and applicable character of the ideas resulting from your brainstorming sessions. The alternation of phases of divergence and convergence, in particular, make it possible to produce and consolidate as many new ideas as possible, all while having a pleasant and entertaining time.


Still, under development, you can test Nestor now during the Brand Content Manager certification course led by Samantha before its edition in January 2019! 3 – Combine content creation and keyword detection In its audience strategy, the Brand Content Manager must imperatively optimize the natural referencing of its content. Thus, from the creation, you have to choose the right keywords. In the search for the ideal keyword and the best positioning, the almost essential platform seems to be Google Keyword Planner . Indeed, it makes it possible to estimate the popularity of keywords but also suggests ideas for keywords in a close lexical field or with a determined semantics. Be careful, however, the American giant, with its almost unavoidable character, limits access to its platform to holders of an active account. There are free and quality alternatives like ubbersuggest, very popular,

2 – Find New Ideas For Content Creation Through Brainstorming

keyword generator whose functionality is similar to that of Keyword Planner. Free or paid, whatever the solution, the keyword generator is a valuable tool for detecting the most relevant keyword opportunities in order to improve the quality of your content creation. This is a major step in maximizing the virality of your content and generating traffic. 4 – After the creation of content comes the management of its distribution Thanks to effective content monitoring and efficient keyword analysis, you have managed to imagine and produce quality and optimized content. It remains to successfully ensure the crucial stage of its dissemination. Indeed, a content cannot be imagined without an aim of publication and sharing. The main thing is to think in an ecosystem and not in a silo.

In the landscape of content distribution, social media has now taken a prominent place. The success of a content strategy necessarily involves mastering and structuring its presence on social networks. In order to facilitate its monitoring and limit the time allocated to a task with low added value, tools exist. One of the most popular social media management platforms is Hootsuite. Its platform makes it possible to manage, from its single interface, several social networks at the same time. Thus the Brand Content Manager can more easily follow all of his social media in a single dashboard. It becomes more responsive in its monitoring, interactions and publications. Thanks to these 3 essential content strategy tools, the Brand Content Manager performs his basic tasks more quickly and easily.

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