The world of sales has evolved rapidly over the past few years. As new technologies perfected and became more accessible to businesses Latvia Email Address and sales teams, business practices were transforming. This article explores 6 must-see trends that are revolutionizing sales that you can no longer ignore! The IA is the buzzword for quite a while. While this technology is disrupting customer relations and the daily lives of salespeople, it also raises many concerns, particularly about the place and role of the salesperson. Will the latter always be present? Useful ? The answer is of course yes, the salesperson will always have a place in the stores. However, his skills will have to evolve and his mission will be more akin to advice than to a simple commercial “closing”.

Lead generation is a prime example of the opportunities associated with artificial intelligence in a business sense. In many companies, 75% of the prospects stored in the databases are not followed and therefore worked, even when a company has a powerful CRM. A software that is costly in time and money, CRMs are always relegated to the background because they are not always well integrated into the organization (sales / marketing alignment problem, for example). After spending time and therefore money on them, they were finally abandoned. It is in these specific situations that the interest of AI resides: being able to detect new commercial leads by revealing interesting relationships between products / services and the customer from relevant information, here is how, without distorting the work and the process set up by a CRM, the AI can come to reinforce the work of canvassing ..

6 – The Digitally Native Vertical Brand (DNVB)

At the time of everything accessible at the click of a button, the customer demands an experience, if not more qualitative, in store than on the internet. This is where the digital in store takes on its full meaning. According to the 2018 Samsung / Infopro digital study * 54% of respondents believe that the advice of sellers would be better if they were equipped with a digital device. 86% believe that a salesperson with a tablet can give relevant advice or tell if a product is available in another store Much more than a gadget, digital must therefore first and foremost facilitate customer service and then the act of purchasing. According to a Salesforce study , 51 % of consumers expect businesses to anticipate their needs and make relevant suggestions before they even make contact.


Personalizing your customer relationship is a key issue that can decide the success or failure of a company. Now, consumers are no longer looking to buy, they are looking for a shopping experience that illustrates their proximity to a business. Designing and relying on a single customer repository is becoming essential for sales departments. This perfect customer recognition, regardless of the touchpoint used, allows the brand to have an overview of consumer behavior (physical and digital). By analyzing it, the brand can thus offer the customer a personalized experience adapted to their needs. This fusion of the physical world with the digital has two advantages for brands: it offers a memorable customer experience and creates a stronger relationship. This is why new services and tools are appearing in many points of sale: augmented reality, e-reservations, click and collect, mobile payment.

1- Artificial intelligence (AI)

Their goal ? streamline the omnichannel experience and remove friction points when shopping. Equipping vendors with tablets has almost become a must. With good support, this help allows them to best inform the consumer, for example, if the product is not available in the store, the seller can direct the customer to another point of sale to buy it. The installation of touch screens giving customers direct access to product information is also increasingly widespread. Finally, the RFID checkout place is gaining momentum by saving time and the almost seamless experience it offers during the crucial step of the checkout process. From Decathlon, for example, all you have to do is place all your items in a bin to see its content and the total amount of the cart displayed.

Sometimes it is even unnecessary to take out your shopping for the calculation! This is the case at Nespresso , where you just have to place the bag containing your coffee capsules in front of the reader to pay. A pioneer in its phygitalization strategy, the brand has worked on different customer journeys (quick purchases / product experts, etc.) to optimize the experience of its consumers by taking into account the diversity of their expectations. In 10 years, Nespresso has thus become a benchmark of excellence in customer experience. The objective is to mark the mind of the customer. Beyond consuming, it must be given a real reason to come to the store. And what could be better than having a good time.

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