The sustainable development week, which reaches an unprecedented scale. This week is the opportunity to devote content to your values ​​and commitments in favor of the planet. On September 20, Paris Retail Week 2022 begins , a key business event in e-commerce and connected commerce. On the program: 3 days of conferences, exhibitions and networking. September 21 is the first day of fall , a season associated with fallen leaves and warm colors. It is conducive to cocooning, with an increase in sales of interior products. September 24 could be the first day of the fall French Days.

The opportunity to celebrate the anniversary of your blog and promote its content. September 2022 marketing calendar September 2021 marketing calendar September is above all the months of the start of the school year and of autumn. September 1 is the first day of the school year , which families usually prepare a few weeks before. The opportunity to launch a “Back to School” marketing campaign, with the highlighting of products linked to the start of the school year. On September 17, Heritage Days begin a cultural event allowing visitors to discover exceptional sites and places. More than 12 million French people participate each year in this event, which is to say its important!

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Calendar chestnut trees August 2021 August is a particularly calm month in France, where a good number of workers are on vacation. But we have found two potential opportunities for you. August 8 is World Cat Day. Cat photos, videos and GIFs are some of the Hungary Phone Number most popular content on the web and the most shared on social media, with real stars like Grumpy Cat. August 26 is World Dog Day. Man’s best friend is also very popular on social media. Two days to take into account if you are in the animal niche or simply to create a buzz.

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The national holiday, celebrated with fireworks. Brands often organize special operations, especially those made in France, which take the opportunity to claim their origin and roots. July 15 is expected to mark the 18th edition of the 2022 World Athletics Championships, until July 24. July 30 is World Friendship Day. Perhaps the opportunity to organize a competition and invite your followers on social networks to tag their best friend?

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A special sales strategy is essential if you want to make sales during this period. June 28 is World LGBT Pride Day , an opportunity to show your support for this community and your commitment to the fight against discrimination. July 2022 e-commerce calendar summer school holidays 2021 The month of July is that of the beginning of the summer vacation. July 1 kicks off the Tour de France 2022 until July 24 July 7 is the first day of the 2021 summer school vacation, with the departure of Julyists on vacation. While summer tends to be a slack period for e-commerce, certain seasonal products are doing well: beach items, camping items, barbecues, etc.

It is an event with a certain impact. You can also suggest gift ideas here. June 21 is the first day of summer – and also that of the music festival. It marks the start of the wedding season (a promising dropshipping niche), which generally lasts until the end of September, and the long summer days. It is also the day of Yoga! Wednesday, June 22 is the start date of the 2022 summer sales , which end on the evening of July 19. Like the winter sales, the summer sales boost online shopping, especially for clothing, furniture and tech products.

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