Community studies to follow in the footsteps of the new consumer. In the age of the “all connected” individual, faced with the fragmentation of behaviors and attitudes, faced with the new concern of consumers: to give meaning to their Sweden Phone Number List consumption, we have to adapt. To grasp the complexity of this moving consumer, it is necessary to introduce flexibility, responsiveness and time for reflection into our study protocols. Community studies, késako? They are sometimes called “Community”, other times “Qualitative Forum”, still others “Bulletin Board”. So how do you define them? The implementation of a community study is the connection of individuals (recruited) for conversations stimulated by a facilitator on a virtual platform.

The types of communities are distinguished by their size (number of participants), their duration and the conversational mode used. The advantages of online quality to adapt … Whether to respond to issues of offers, innovation (concept / product), consumption monitoring, opinion studies, monitoring and prospective … community studies make it possible to rethink the linear game of questions / responses, to manage the variable geometry of the interviewee and to understand the consumer over time. The 4 main assets of the relationship to be exploited in order to adapt are asynchronous, “in situ”, duration and multimodal communication. A virtual relationship to reduce the distance with his client. However, online quality is not magic! The environment is virtual and not fictitious.

Community Studies To Follow In The Footsteps Of The New Consumer.

The relationship is distanced but is prepared, maintained, nourished. Inspired by qualitative face-to-face methods, online quality is not necessarily a strict copy and paste. The organization of work, the methods of recruitment, animation, the material obtained change. The construction of a virtual relationship requires taking into account new opportunities for exchanges, specific animation techniques to get the best out of them, at the risk of canceling out the benefits of a method in harmony with the uses and attitudes of the new consumer. Recommendation of our expert Do you want to discover the perspectives opened up by the virtual relationship in order to develop in-depth knowledge of the expectations, desires and needs of your consumers? Our expert recommends this short and comprehensive training:


Online studies Today, interactive studies are an important part of the world of studies. Online collection, like the telephone or face to face, has become a collection method in its own right. This training will give you the keys to choose the methods best suited to your challenges, lead your quantitative and qualitative research projects online, and make the most of this dynamic collection method. Duration: 2 days – Next session: September 13 and 14, 2018. When watching a video becomes an experience with interactive content The Abilways Digital team met Sabry Otmani , Pulpix co-founder about interactive videos. What does Pulpix do in a few words? Pulpix is ​​an editorial tool that allows you to enrich your videos with interactive content and thus boost the engagement of your audience.

The Advantages Of Online Quality To Adapt …

Pulpix offers a SaaS offer for customers wishing to enrich a large catalog of videos, as well as a tailor-made offer for companies wishing to organize a video campaign or short-term projects. Pulpix-PacoRabanne-300×169 What are you seeing in the video market today? What are the challenges of the digital transition in your sector? The video market has experienced a real boom since 2014. Youtube has an audience of over a billion Internet users, more than 120 hours of videos are uploaded to the platform. Uses are growing strongly, especially among young people: 40% of 18-24 year olds consume an average of 10 online videos per week.

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