The entire team of the digital agency sends you its best wishes for 2018! And to start the year off right, we take stock of the year and share with you the 2018 digital trends. Review of the digital agency Very positive figures 2017 has passed, it’s time to take stock. An increasing turnover , our SEO agency is looking forward to a very positive year. Infographic: 2017 report from the digital agency In addition to the renewal of contracts with our customers, we recorded 600 telephone calls made during the year. We have arranged more than 150 field meetings with new clients, in order to best identify their needs. In addition, our agency is keen to share with its community its passion for SEO and digital strategy. Thus, we had concocted 4 quality webinars , we took great pleasure in sharing our experience and digital news through 148 blog articles.

We are proud of our teams who are thus recognized for their expertise. On the list of our digital agency, we have kept the certifications: Google Partner Premier Our agency has been approved by Google . You are guaranteed to have a team with the knowledge required to manage AdWords accounts.
Google partner premier certification logo In 2017, new features are added: Prize for the SEMrush Blog Contest SEMrush is a very popular SEO tool . In 2017, an UK Phone Number Database List competition was launched. We are proud to have placed our SEO agency on the podium. Contest logo Voltaire certification has become very important in the context of Content Marketing . It guarantees the editorial quality of the experts dedicated to the content. This is a crucial issue in the user experience, but also increasingly with Google’s algorithms which take into account spelling, syntax and grammar.

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Voltaire certification logo And traffic on the agency’s website! Finally, you are more than 750 visitors per day to visit our site. THANK YOU ! Digital trends for 2018 For the start of 2018, we have prepared several articles for you, in order to bring you the major trends that will irrigate your digital strategy . User experience increasingly takes precedence, not to mention updates to applications or even changes in search engine indexing criteria. Thus, our teams – who operate a daily watch – share with you the major novelties for 2018. In the sample already available for consultation, we recommend: The latest news on Snapchat ads The update of the Google AdWords tool to track your campaigns The latest brand content trends to adopt Watch out for our next publications , we have some nice surprises in store for you and some topics that will be very useful to you!


Certifications for recognition During the year 2017, we won new certifications. Your digital agency is on social networks Do not hesitate to follow us on social networks, our publications are dedicated to you, to help you in your digital strategy. Find us on Facebook , LinkedIn , Twitter and YouTube . Instagram shopping button 4 – Take care of the aesthetics of your Instagram page As Instagram accounts multiply, brands must differentiate themselves by building a strong and remarkable visual identity. The brands that will be inspired by this format for 2018 will certainly be the winners. Recently, the company Airbnb launched an advertising campaign on Instagram in the form of a series of videos of only 15 seconds; in other words in the format of the Stories of its subscribers. This success generated a double-digit increase in advertising retention for this brand . Airbnb Instagram campaign Airbnb’s campaign can be viewed here.

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Called “face filter” – and very inspired by Snapchat – this option is used to enhance live broadcasts . 8- Promote user content, but give back to Caesar what belongs to him In 2018, the question of “digital law” will be increasingly important, in a context of entry into application of the RGPD (European regulation on the protection of personal data). In the digital space, especially on social networks, rules are being put in place. Instagram thus integrates the “Manager Program” of Facebook, which now consists of systematically requesting authorization to reuse a photograph or a user’s content. In 2018, UGC (“User Generated Content”) will certainly be boosted by brands , because it is synonymous with a high engagement rate and helps to outsmart the cogs of ever more efficient algorithms. The authorization protocols will therefore have to be integrated into your 2018 strategy.

Before having them in interactive 3D format with the new generation of smartphones, Instagram launched a series of filters at the end of 2017. 9- Analyze your campaigns more precisely During 2017, Instagram’s measurement tools improved. More intuitive, they offer a more efficient visualization of data. New tools should appear in 2018 to obtain statistics visible from your mobile phones and in particular to improve the impact of your Stories . Instagram Insights on Stories Source: Buffer 10 – Identify your logos in the images The year 2018 is also considered as the year of digital intelligence. Thanks to this technology, it is possible via software to locate your logo in a multitude of images. Sifting through Instagram posts can be useful to better measure your online reputation. Image Insights software, for example, can be used to identify possible influencers to contact for your next campaigns .

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