Discover the minute interview with Anthony GARCIA, Senior Account Director France at LINKEDIN, who gives us his vision of social selling. ISM Samoa Email List Team Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Linkedin Anthony Gacia LinkedinAnthony GARCIA is Senior Account Director France at LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS. He supports the sales teams on a daily basis in their digital transformation and social selling strategy. At a time when brands can no longer ignore the opportunities offered by social selling , it is important to question the best practices to put in place. How to use social networks to activate sales? How to measure the effectiveness of a social selling strategy?

What KPIs to put in place? QUESTION “140 CHARACTERS” What is your mission on earth? You have 140 characters! Discover the world, get to know different cultures, understand others and adapt continuously … the “comfort zone” is made to get out of it! “PITCH” QUESTION Is Social Selling a Generation Affair? It is a matter of “Lead Generation” !!! More seriously, social selling does not correspond to a generational issue, but is part of a change in the behavior of our salespeople, itself generated by the change in buyer behavior (75% of buyers are influenced by social networks in their decision making). Most French companies have initiated digital strategies, and the digitalization of commercial tools is a pillar in their approach.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

“POSITIONING” QUESTION Marketing, Communication, Sales… who owns Social Selling? Is there only one truth? Social Selling is therefore part of the strategic level and contributes to the digitalization of companies. As a result, the whole company is concerned and participates in it. From the Management which must breathe internal dynamics, Marketing and Communication which are major players in the initiative, and the sales department which executes it and materializes the impact through productivity and income gains. QUESTION “ADVICE” What tips could we give to those who wish to undertake a professional branding process? Understand your target / audience, study your positioning on social networks and in particular on LinkedIn, and be proactive and visible


(complete profile, active ecosystem monitoring, network animation, posts / likes / comments) Simple advice for posts, consider the 5x1x1 rule to avoid spamming your network. Out of 5 posts per week: 1 personal post, 1 post about your company, and 3 posts intended for your audience (industry, expertise, opinion leader, etc.). “CHALLENGE” QUESTION What is your digital currency? ”Social is a place to build trust and credibility”. Discover the minute interview with Jean-François Reynaud, Marketing Manager, who tells us about his current challenges and objectives at Renault. ISM Team Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Linkedin Jean-François REYNAUD , has worked for Renault for 25 years. He is currently Global Product Marketing Director, for high-end products such as:

To Solve Problems, It’s Always “back To Basics” Jean-françois Reynaud, Marketing Manager At Renault

Espace, Talisman, Koléos. From 2011 to 2013, he was Sales Marketing Director for the Latin America region. BUSINESS QUESTION What is the major marketing issue in your business right now? There are two issues: First, the optimization of prices and margins. Secondly, digital, which remains an “obscure” world. Indeed, the techniques evolve, people are only very little trained, one encompasses under this magic word “digital” a whole set of trades, functions which go from the family of the CRM to advertising. We amalgamate everything, companies classify behind this magic word all the realities without necessarily knowing them well, without having reclassified the trades. We do not take into account the specificities of each business, and in each business,

there is a specific digitization to operate. There is significant room for progress, we have to change our point of view on this issue of digitization. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION QUESTION How do you organize yourself today in the face of new customer journeys? I am not really concerned in my job because I am at the end of the chain. As far as I know, another 10 years ago a customer would spend several months researching a vehicle visiting 3 to 4 dealerships of different brands. Today, the buying process is much faster, the customer only visits one brand. There has been a dramatic shortening of the upstream process thanks to internet research. In my job, we are responsible for communication on web media, the challenge is to avoid errors. In the digital publication, we publish links that will seek information in the database.

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