It is also important to know that search engines take into account the consistency between the language of the site, that of the request formulated and that of the browser in its indexing, and therefore the extension can influence the click rate in this direction ( a site in French, in is paradoxical for example). The domain name may not influence SEO, but it is in any case an undeniable lever for better indexing: a memorable and relevant domain name, obviously associated with quality content and an optimized site. navigation ( among others ) are just as many factors to take into account in SEO ! Do not hesitate to contact our experts in the field, who will be able to advise you to optimize your site and attract traffic and conversions. Source : intervention by 1 & 1, web hosting provider, for the Siècle Digital site.

It is also advisable to create a short domain name (15-20 characters), and without too many dashes – thus, it will be easily memorable by visitors who will return to the site more easily. And if you change NDD along the way, do not forget to perform the 301 redirects of each page to the corresponding new one so as not to lose any SEO and traffic to your site! Nigeria Phone Number List for the extension? .com, represent or generic extensions , and extensions of the de, type are national first level extensions . We are also seeing the appearance of new extensions such as .blog, .shop, .- namely that none of these extensions is favored by search engines. On the other hand, it is important to choose an extension relevant to your activity, and to the national / international scope that you want to give it.

And For The Extension?

Google SEO algorithm has barely given any impact to domain names whose sole purpose was to place keywords, without offering quality content. Exit therefore the sites named “”, or “”: these EMDs (or Exact Match Domains) can no longer manipulate Google and thus seek the first position in the SERPs . How to optimize your domain name for SEO? But then, which name to choose if not to be placed on keywords? NDDs (or domain names) must above all be used to disseminate a brand image , and domain names made up of keywords alone do not in any way confer brand value, nor do they give Internet users special confidence. The URL must therefore refer to the brand, and especially to the site to which it refers. It should be relevant to the business of the business and ideally it should be the same as the title of the website.


The groups initiated by users are more numerous and sometimes bring together many members. This is the case with the group which brings together more than 34,000 Aroma-Zone fans to discuss recipes and advice on homemade cosmetics. Even more impressive, the “Action Addict” group brings together nearly 280,000 members, not counting related groups. could Facebook’s future functionality be a game-changer? The functionality in testing phase could encourage you to take the plunge and be a forerunner in creating Facebook groups for business purposes. You will have the possibility to create a group specific to your page or to integrate an existing group to your company page. With this official group, you have the opportunity to unite a qualified community even more easily. Another advantage is that you will no longer be forced to post as a person, but you will be able to do so as a (business) page.

How To Optimize Your Domain Name For Seo?

This important work requires a lot of time. But the interest of Facebook groups is to be able to elect administrators to assist you in this task. Facebook groups are however little used by brands As we have seen, groups relating to brands are generally created by users, and not by the brands themselves. However, among the rare examples of a group managed by a brand, we find Shopify which uses this tool as a technical support service for its customers. HBO Facebook Groups The potential of Facebook groups is real. It is not for nothing that Facebook is experimenting with advertising in groups in certain countries. The functionality of the groups integrated into the pages should therefore be monitored very closely. In the meantime, you can always create a group outside of your page to federate your qualified community. Talk to our Social Media experts.

The idea is not to bombard them with advertising publications, but to exchange with them and show them interest. The main goal is to retain them . But be careful, depending on your offer, you have to think carefully about the purpose of this group and the benefit it can bring to your community. Facebook groups can indeed be used for different purposes: Solicit feedback from your community Offer new products, exclusivity and previews Collect suggestions and feedback from your community Share information about the use of your products Offer product tests Reward loyal customers Elect your brand ambassadors Identify moderators for your group This last point is very important, especially when the group is growing. Moderation may be what holds businesses back from starting Facebook groups. Establishing rules of conduct and moderating posts are inherent in managing a group to prevent abuse, spam and trolls.

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