The content specialist You Love Words tells us more about the strategy implemented on the occasion of one of the most famous French events: the agricultural fair. A well thought out device that combines content, strong editorial line, and social media strategy. The objectives of the UAE WhatsApp Number List between You Love Words and COMEXPOSIUM (in charge of the organization): to increase the visibility of the event and develop its online community. Social networks must help make it essential for professionals, enthusiasts of the agricultural world but also the curious, in France and internationally. They must make it possible to bring a physical event to life online. The editorial line, the very essence of a good Social Media strategy According to You Love Words, an effective Social Media strategy includes above all a strong and well thought out editorial line. To make the most of the challenges and constraints of the show.

The agency has therefore set up a concept called “At the crossroads of agriculture” composed of 3 axes: Become an expert and referent on the agricultural theme Offer a complete sensory experience Create engaging content to promote interactions Multiple actions were undertaken on site for 9 days , by a team of videographers, photographers and community managers responsible for increasing the formats to achieve these 3 objectives. In order to have a global vision of the operations to be carried out, the YouLoveWords team has set up an editorial calendar to plan and distribute the content to be produced on the 3 chosen platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This cutting-edge and well-thought-out upstream organization, making it possible to publish various varied content on several social networks every day

The Editorial Line, The Very Essence Of A Good Social Media Strategy

Enabled the operation to obtain good results. The various contents made it possible to generate more than 2.5 million impressions in total. YouLoveWords’ strategy has generated great benefits for the Agricultural Show, which has seen its attractiveness strengthened thanks in particular to a clear improvement in the engagement of its community on all the targeted platforms. No price per contact, but invoicing in the form of a monthly subscription to access the most advanced marketing automation features correlated to your data volume, which starts at 79 euros per month for 3 GB of data. Email marketing and sms marketing are billed in the form of purchases of shipping credits with decreasing rates. Support by email and telephone is available, supplemented by online help with numerous tutorials (in French of course). If you need more support, Message Business also offers consulting and assistance services, training,


Expertise in integration, campaign management or even connection with your information systems. . A range of services that will allow you to move forward calmly in the implementation of your strategy and thus participate in the differentiation of Message Business from a freemium solution like Mailchimp for example. their position through local shops and pedestrian drives. According to Daniel Ducrocq, director of distribution services at Nielsen, “this year, the drive took on convenience stores: 74% of stores welcoming a new collection point are stores of less than 1000 m²” . Marc Lolivier adds that“With the drive, the French players in mass distribution have been able to create an original e-commerce model making it possible to combine the Internet and stores. This French model has proven itself. Today, it allows France to be European champion in this e-commerce segment.

The Importance Of A Good Methodology To Produce Good Content

It is very likely that its variation in the “pedestrian drive” version will meet with the same success. ” you have access to 150 keyword analyzes, the keyword strategy editing tool, tree suggestions and 3 connected users. To try the platform for free, go to this link . Note that SEO Quantum allows you to test the platform without risk. If after 7 days you are not satisfied, you will be reimbursed. It is also a return to the long term and an alternative to video, which is not appreciated by all and which requires much more resources than the podcast format. For Supernatifs, it is a pillar of brand content: “we work on our monitoring, we dig into the topics, we create branded content, we provide proof of our expertise

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