Sophie BELLEVILLE, Product Manager at 3M Sometimes I look at my daughter and I tell myself that today I am trying to build her future with Mauritius Email Lists my means so that it is the best possible for her despite the difficulties and changes she will have to face. 1. PRESENTATION QUESTION Do you present a few lines? Sophie Belleville, working for 3M France, Aeronautics department, as product manager. After a bachelor’s degree in international marketing within the ESC Dijon group, I continued my studies to become a packaging and packaging engineer with ESEPAC. I joined the 3M company 11 years ago as an apprentice packaging engineer, then I continued for 6 years as a packaging engineer in markets such as automotive repair. automotive, industry and aeronautics.

4 years ago, the position of aeronautical product manager became available, giving me the opportunity to evolve, on the business side, in the aircraft and engine construction market, and specialized distributors. And thanks to these combined experiences, I will be integrating the automotive repair department as a Trade Marketer within a month. 2. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION QUESTION What path did you take at ISM? I followed the product manager certification course which was in line with my assumption of the post about a year and a half earlier. 3. CONSEQUENCE ISSUE What did this course bring you and why did you choose the ISM? ISM has been a 3M partner for many years and has trained many employees on marketing paths.

Your Secret To Keeping A Step Back In A World Of Immediacy, Immediacy, Infobesity, Speed And Extreme Mobility

The Product Manager career is in a way an internal “pass” to progress within the company, in positions of increasing responsibility. It is an incredible opportunity given to employees. This journey allowed me to remember good marketing practices and the right tools. 3M is a company strongly integrating internal training. However, my marketing training dating from a few years ago, I had to review a certain number of fundamentals in order to be able to develop my position as product manager. Work differently on my marketing and strategic plans, or even share with other people from other companies, good practices on which we often forget to share due to lack of time. Following this course also allowed me to have an outside view and to learn to work differently.


4. FAVORITE QUESTION What is the key skill to face the challenges of tomorrow according to you? Knowing the marketing concepts is good, but the customer is the key to facing the challenges of tomorrow. Today the customer must be at the heart of the relationship. At 3M we call it “customer first”. Beyond this aspect, the marketer must in my opinion have a capacity for rapid analysis, and at the same time meticulous. He must also be a project manager, curious, and know how to turn to new modes of communication. Digital is now an integral part of its business and its know-how. I had a lot of fun doing this course even if it was not always easy to combine everything. 5. DISRUPTION ISSUE What innovation has marked you in recent months?

What Innovation Has Marked You In Recent Months?

Communication at your fingertips invented by the start-up Sgnl presented at CES 2018. It is a bracelet that allows you to “connect” the bones of the body to communicate. With that, we are completely reviewing the business model of mobile telephony. This development is impressive and R&D is at the limit of the medical field. It is really impressive. 6. ROUTINE QUESTION What’s your favorite app? As a mother: Chronodrive for the practicality, the intuitive and the time saving As a marketer: Waze for saving time thanks to the kindness of motorists who share the right information with each other even if they themselves do not benefit from it. 7. YOUR TRICK Your secret to keeping a step back in a world of immediacy, immediacy, infobesity,

speed and extreme mobility I think it’s a question of character. I have always taken the party to live things with philosophy and to be playful. News and daily life are sufficiently right for our morale! Sometimes I look at my daughter and I tell myself that today I am trying to build her future with my means so that it is the best possible for her despite the difficulties and changes she will have to face. The innocence of a child has the gift of removing this need for instantaneity and making you relativize everything. You can be a woman with ambition, but my primary job is to be a mother, you have to sit down and take your time to enjoy every moment.

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