Why open a professional account online? Opening a professional account online allows you to separate personal and professional transactions to better manage your accounts and avoid any confusion, for example for the payment of taxes. The opening of a professional current account is compulsory for all companies with share capital: EURL, SARL, SAS or even SA. Moreover, obtaining proof of deposit of the share capital issued by the bank is required to create a company and finalize its registration with the RCS (Trade and Companies Register).

Do you want to open a professional account for your business? In this article, learn about the best pro account options online. Whether you are in e-commerce, dropshipping, freelance or in any other activity, you should find what you are looking for! We will answer questions like: Which online bank to choose? How to open a professional account online? What are the most interesting offers on the market? Which bank for dropshipping? And which e-commerce bank? Let’s go, let’s find out together which bank to choose and the best pro online banking options for entrepreneurs! Don’t wait to get started. Trust yourself and become your own boss.

Will Help You Plan Better For Your Year 2022

How would you like to sell your product? For a t-shirt brand, it’s super important to know your audience, but also your competitors. What are they doing to sell? Carefully determine your target and connect with them on the right platforms. If your Kenya Phone Number customers are on Instagram or Snapchat, don’t waste time on Google Ads. Instead, look to influencer marketing . In addition, marketplaces and e-commerce platforms have numerous partnerships with other marketplaces, internal and external campaign tools. Use it. And There you go ! You have all the information you need to start a t-shirt business in a few hours! Do you have questions about this business?

Kenya Phone Number
Kenya Phone Number

If you’re selling through a Spreadshop or Shopify store, you set your prices yourself. The cost of a men’s premium t-shirt (t-shirt + print) is already € 20.99. On this price, a margin of 50% is a bit high. Better to count a margin around 10/15 € per item. And remember that you must also include the delivery costs (5 €) Remember to look at the prices charged by competitors. By the way, it’s not just Spreadshirt to start a t-shirt business. Other POD apps are compatible with Shopify. This is the case with Printful or Printify . Test the different options to see what suits you the most in terms of process, quality and prices. 5. Manage your online presence Finally, you need to think about your Marketing strategy.

The 60 Best Shopify Stores To Inspire Your Success

That’s right, why limit yourself to t-shirts !? Shopify custom t-shirt Sell ​​your creations in Print-On-Demand. Become an entrepreneur and create your online store. DISCOVER THE POD 4. Set a price Another important aspect of starting a t-shirt business is setting the prices for your products. You must of course include the cost of production. If you want to make a 50% margin, you need to multiply the costs by 2 to determine your unit price. If you sell on the Spreadshirt marketplace, for example, you don’t set your prices. You get a commission between 3 € and 7 € depending on the product. These rates correspond to the price of the design and may be reduced depending on promotional offers.

With Spreadshirt, you have two options: 1 / Sell for free on their marketplace You thus potentially reach the audience of the site, but also that of Amazon and eBay, thanks to their partnerships. 2 / Create a spreadshop It’s also free, you get to decide everything and earn bonus sales as you make it. Spreadshop is paid on the advertising you do for your store. Good news ! Spreadshop is also Shopify’s POD partner! With the Spod app you can sell your products in POD, produced by Spreadshirt. So with quality at the rendezvous and more than 250 different products.

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