Passionate about the online and off-line retail sector, and by “hard luxury” (watchmaking and jewellery), Federica Roux combines Jordan Email Address dual expertise in brand and distribution. His 360 vision and his international experience are invaluable assets to make a difference. Omnichannel, CSR commitment and customer experience… she enthusiastically shares with us her best practices to meet the many challenges facing her. Digital, Marketing & Communication Director of the watchmaking branch of Galeries Lafayette, in charge of the Louis Pion and Galeries Lafayette – Royal Quartz Paris brands for almost 2 years, what is your main challenge? My main challenge, specific to all retail players, is to succeed in the omnichannel transformation. We must now put ourselves in the customer’s shoes, understand their needs, expectations and new consumption patterns, by offering them the possibility of consuming more sustainably.

This, on all distribution channels, both online and offline, in the city center as in travel retail, and cross-media, from CRM to SEO, SEA or even display and communication on the point of sale. Box gourmet watch & jewelry What are the major developments that have affected the watchmaking and jewelry sector over the past 10 years? The common thread of my career has indeed been “hard luxury”, that is to say the fine watchmaking and jewelry sector, in which I have had the chance to work on the brand side and on the distributor side. In my current position, I was able to complete my experience with the main stream and premium sector, which today allows me to have a truly complete vision of the challenges of the industry. The macro trends that I can see are:

What qualities should a marketing director have ?

On the mainstream (to which the Louis Pion brand is aimed, for example), the sustainable dimension and traceability are increasingly important. E-commerce is still growing, and significant market shares remain to be taken. On the other hand, it is true that, because of their emotional and very giftable dimension, a watch or a piece of jewelry remains products that customers prefer to see in real life, with the expert advice of a specialist salesperson, in a physical store. On the notoriety side, on the other hand, the battle for visibility is won above all online. It is therefore the most visible online brands that win the consumer’s preference. In the luxury sector (the market to which the Galeries Lafayette – Royal Quartz Paris brand is aimed), the pace and appetite for innovation are not quite the same, and many Houses are still adopting old world reflexes. In watchmaking in particular,


the market is quite tight: there is an increasingly marked polarization with three Houses dominating the market, and the rest of the watch brands, hundreds of Houses, sharing the cake. On the sustainable consumption side, the approach differs versus the mainstream. Indeed, a luxury product intrinsically carries a concept of sustainability and transmission, due to the initial investment, in value and emotional of the customer to acquire it. Fossil Watch – Louis Pion The world of jewelry watchmaking is often perceived as highly codified, how can you still inject innovation into your marketing strategies? As a distributor, we are above all “traders”, in the noble sense of the term. To be successful, any marketing strategy must be customer-centric , and the service and experience we provide them. Our way of thinking has changed enormously in recent years.

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From a very push product strategy that does not always meet customer desires, we are now focusing on understanding the customer journey and meeting their expectations, not only on the product or price side, but also and above all on the e customer experience in store , as well as advice and support, pre and post sales. Swatch models – Louis Pion What good practices do you apply to adapt to the new requirements of your profession and your activity? I am lucky to have a job that fascinates me, and to be able to say that my job is my passion. Since the start of my career, I have been able to experience the radical transformation of the profession of the marketer. From an expert in communication and branding, the marketer has today become the benchmark for omnichannel solutions to capture on the web and drive to the store.

Marketing is undoubtedly one of the professions most “disrupted” by digital transformation. Constantly exposed to innovations and changes in customer behaviour, the marketer must be the force for change within his company. He must cultivate his curiosity and his willingness to learn and question himself. Finally, and most importantly, I also rely heavily on my teams. As a conductor with a very wide scope, I have one expert per profession in my team. Their technical or creative skills feed my overall strategy. At the operational level, in my department, there is an important issue in recruiting talent, especially in technical or sought-after jobs such as performance marketing or data marketing. You worked 4 years in London, how did this experience influence the perception of your profession?

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