Trained in crisis communication in an agency, Nicolas Breuil joined the We Are Social agency during the social media boom, to support Japan Email List the voice of BNP Paribas companies – in particular We Are Tennis and Hello Bank! – on these new channels. After a jump at Publicis, he joined the Stuart adventure in its beginnings in October 2015 as employee n ° 1 in marketing. Challenge, diversity of missions, direct contribution to the growth of his company are the reasons, among others, which motivated his choice. What drives you? Look for discomfort in novelty to continue to challenge, learn and renew! I am constantly looking for challenges to move forward, because I am convinced that you never learn as much as in extraordinary situations.

Global Marketing, PR & Brand at Stuart for over 4 years, what have been your main challenges? I joined Stuart in October 2015 in the pre-launch phase. The official launch took place in August 2015 but the commercialization of our service did not arrive until April 2016. Before the launch, the first challenge was to build the Stuart brand and to outline an influencing strategy. on digital. Our objective was to create a strong, sustainable brand, capable of reaching our targets in business, namely logistics and e-commerce directors… Information over-solicitation, a traditional B2B marketing strategy, based on growth hacking or Adwords campaigns , to touch the latter would not have been relevant. So, we figured that in order to become an undisputed “last mile” leader in their minds, we needed to put Stuart in the high value touchpoints.

What are your next projects and challenges?

The challenge of quality content has therefore emerged. We had to offer it to the press to convince the major accounts. Also, unlike other startups who prefer to apply a lead generation strategy during the launch phase, we made the bet to accelerate our brand awareness, our notoriety in short. This involved: Work on the brand identity (from the courier’s outfit to the storytelling of our stories ) through a concrete situation and by quickly recruiting an artistic director. Create the Stuart film to be able to communicate almost instantly on our service and its quality. It has been our main marketing tool for generating leads. It had a strong commercial impact in client meetings since it explained our ambition … Multiply communication levers (videos, photographic content, social media strategy, public relations, etc.) to create trust through the vector of the brand.


Our proactivity in designing a strong brand enabled us to take a major step forward during our first communication with Carrefour. The first big deal is always the hardest to get, but it helps engage others! This win-win strategy has paid off because it is consistent with our growth! Our second challenge was to imagine and deploy our PR launch strategy. We preferred to wait to announce our fundraising (22 million euros). We first wanted to finalize our test phase, obtain the first customers and establish ourselves internationally to strengthen our communication and illustrate our European ambition. From October 2015 to April 2016, we had to manage the frustration of the sales teams, of course, but in favor of a stronger message and an “impeccable” product. In the end, in April 2016, we were able to communicate on the launch of our service in 3 European countries,

What are the 2 or 3 key skills of the marketer of tomorrow?

France, the United Kingdom and Spain, and generate no less than 200 press reports in France and internationally! Finally, our last challenge was to design, in collaboration with sales representatives, our go to market strategy geared towards large accounts. The soundness of the business model of on-demand transport companies had been eroded by the bankruptcy of Take it easy. We, therefore, had to rework our strategy based on these personas to restore their confidence and be seen as a reliable partner. Being disruptive seems to be at the heart of Stuart’s values. How does this translate into your marketing practices One of our main challenges is the sourcing of couriers. We are faced with an endemic staff turnover which mobilizes us throughout the year.

We paid particular attention to our identity to attract urban youth, mainly through our Facebook and Instagram campaigns. On the other hand, we very regularly renew our hooks and our visuals. The internalization of graphics resources allows us valuable rotation and agility to produce new visuals and AB testing. Our hack of the Nike global campaign also illustrates the innovative and clever nature of our marketing actions. Indeed, despite our partnership with the multinational, we could not promote it openly. However, the stakes were high: to communicate about an emblematic customer victory and the diversification of our portfolio. We seized our opportunity during the FIFA World Cup in 2018. Nike, in partnership with Unisport, wanted to do a marketing stunt by delivering jerseys within an hour the day before or on the days of the French team matches.

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