To be visible in organic search results and increase sales on Amazon, there is no silver bullet. However, the marketplace algorithm takes into Dominican Republic Email List account positioning factors that will determine whether your products will be visible in the first position of Amazon results or in the bottom of the pages. Here are the main elements that we will cover in this Amazon SEO guide: An in-depth look at essential Amazon positioning factors The main steps to follow for the SEO optimization of your product catalog We also emphasize the fact that the information found in this Amazon SEO guide is not just theoretical: It is Amazon strategies that have been applied by Amazon experts from Agence 90 and found to be effective for our clients. See also our guide to Amazon Sponsored Product Campaigns

Amazon’s A9 search algorithm takes all of the factors below into account to determine the visibility of your products in search listings when a user types a specific search within the engine. Within our Amazon agency, we call them the direct positioning factors : Historical sales performance SEO optimization The price Availability (the product must be in stock almost permanently) Then there are other factors that Amazon does not necessarily give weight in its search results but which will influence the direct factors above. We will call them the indirect positioning factors : The shipping method Customer reviews (the number of reviews received on a product and the average rating)

What are the differences between A + Content and EBC?

We could have stitched up a complete Amazon guide for each positioning factor mentioned, but we prefer to keep it simple and efficient by focusing only on one direct positioning factor that all Amazon sellers should consider in order to improve the visibility of their products. and thus increase their sales: Amazon SEO aka Amazon SEO Most Amazon shoppers search for products through the marketplace’s internal search engine, not by browsing site categories or using product filters. It is therefore important to develop the content of your products by effectively optimizing the available fields. Amazon SEO encompasses the content of your product catalog ranging from product titles to background keywords. Like Google, SEO optimization is the key to improving your visibility on Amazon results pages.


The key elements of your product catalog Amazon’s A9 search algorithm promotes several components of your content to increase your visibility. The positioning factors below are numbered in order of importance, with 1 being the most important and 4 being the least. The essential step in building your product title is to perform keyword research , list those likely to be typed by your buyers, and include them in your title. Remember to take into account variations your buyers may use such as “pillowcase” and “pillowcase” That doesn’t mean you have to keyword your headlines. User experience could be impacted and Amazon’s bots would penalize you more easily.* Remember to check your Deleted Products report to make sure your products are not being deleted because of long titles.

The key elements of your product catalog

Our recommendations for your product titles on Amazon: Capitalize the first letter of each word Spell the units of weight and measure such as kilograms, grams, meters. Write your numbers in symbols Do not use the ampersand “&” in the title unless it is part of your brand name. Otherwise, clearly write “and” all in lowercase. If size isn’t an essential feature of your product, don’t display it in the title. If the product is not available in multiple colors, the unique color of the product should not be displayed in the title. Do not include in your titles: item will assign more relevance to the keywords that appear earlier in the title. All titles should start with the brand name followed by the product name. But depending on the situation, other attributes can be added if they are relevant:

Here are some examples of titles specific to different product categories. We recommend that you experiment with different headline formats to see what works best: Furnishings & Decoration Formula: Brand + Type of product + Features + Color, size… Example: AmazonBasics Microfiber fitted sheet Navy blue 160 x 200 x 30 cm Small appliance Formula: Brand + Model number + Type of product + Features + Weight, color… Example: Seb YY3825FB Oil-free Fryer Actifry Genius 1.2kg 6 people Healthy Cooking – Black Concrete examples Good Amazon Product Title Seb’s fryer uses the product title appropriately by filling in keywords and as much information as possible to be displayed high in Amazon search results for the keyword “fryer”. Good Amazon Product Title Product title optimized for Amazon SEO


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