On Instagram, you have several types of content to choose from. The single photo This option remains the simplest. But also the most commonly used, corresponding to the usual use of this platform. Example of a shopify dropshipping site. Customize a dropshipping store with Shopify Q el is chosen theme. You have the ability to C ustomize, thanks to an intuitive interface. You will be able to integrate your logo , modify your menu, integrate an image on your home page with an advertisement, add slideshows, highlight collections, change the colors of your site to align it with your brand image, or even set up newsletters .

On your home page, it is possible to add other elements that could be useful to you: blog articles to attract more traffic to your Shopify dropshipping store online, slideshows, lists of partner logos, products stars, maps, testimonials, trust badges or videos. Two pages which are very important: the legal notices which are obligatory for an e-commerce site, as well as the “About” or ” Who are we ” page. The legal notices page allows you to comply with French law and at the same time reassure your customers about your return or delivery conditions.

To Be Successful In E-commerce

The who are we page is there to tell the story of your brand: it is very important to bring this attachment to the brand which plays a key role in the purchase and loyalty process. In short, everything you need to create a Shopify dropshipping online store that inspires South Africa Phone Number confidence. Step 6: Import products to your Shopify dropshipping store The process is different, depending on whether you are using Oberlo or not. Open a Shopify dropshipping store with Oberlo: Oberlo is a free or subscription Shopify app that allows you to quickly set up a dropshipping Shopify store.

South Africa Phone Number
South Africa Phone Number

Once your account is created on Oberlo, you will be able to browse through the huge catalog of AliExpress references, choose the products that interest you and edit them directly in your import list. For dropshipping, the Shopify and Oberlo combination is ideal, it saves you a lot of time. Import products without Oberlo: If you do not use it, you will then have to enter your products one by one, inserting the corresponding information. Back on the home page of your interface, click on the Products section. Product title: Make sure it is clear and concise. This element is to be optimized for search engines, so be sure to use terms that people are searching for.

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Product Description: Again, be sure to be explicit and provide useful and interesting details. In my example, I would write something like: “Pink letter board, square format 30 x 30 cm. Felt background and letters and wooden frame. An ideal and original gift for a birth. ” It’s important to vary the terms for your product, in case people are looking for different words. Images : Name your images before uploading them, using the same keywords. Add several quality images, which allow you to get a good idea of ​​the product. The price : Indicate the price at which you want to sell your product.

Stocks : In this part, you indicate the level of your stock and the reference of your product. You can then add the information relating to the weight and customs charges. The variants: This is where you enter the variations of your products, in size or color. You can customize the variations. When you start to master e-commerce, you can for example apply discounts on your product. Create a product in Shopify To learn how to create the perfect product page for your Shopify dropshipping store, check out our in-depth article on the subject. Step 7: Edit the products in your import list The Oberlo import list is a collection of products for sale online that you have selected, but those are not yet on your Shopify dropshipping store.

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