Discover the new So-Buzz service and its quirky and original game formats to liven up your communities. Gaming is a classic in marketing. Both for the general public, easy to access and efficient, it has the merit of offering a positive image of your brand. It also allows you to multiply your El Salvador WhatsApp Number List and achieve much higher levels of engagement than usual thanks to proven techniques. The social media specialist So-Buzz Marketing has released a platform dedicated to the genre, which will give you access to many original and engaging games that you can deploy on Instagram and Facebook. Nice surprises await us soon, since the editors told us that they have added the integration of YouTube, Twitch and Twitter to their roadmap. Here’s everything you need to know about Timelime.

Which we’ve tested for you! Before using Time lime, we must add the social accounts that we are going to use. Either Facebook directly or the Instagram account via a Facebook page. To do this, we went through the settings of our Facebook page, then clicked on Instagram in the left column, and on “Connect account”. Once our Time lime account is created in a few clicks and this manipulation is done, we are ready to start. We have the choice for launching a game: either before or after publication depending on the type of game chosen (rather after for the draw, rather before for the winning moment or the quiz). We can then configure the competition: name it, give it a start time and an end time, add standard messages if the game mechanics require it.

An All-In-One Back Office

possibly the correct answers if it is a quiz and finally to throw it. A script will take care of automatically repatriating comments and contributions. Once the game is launched, the back office allows us to monitor its progress and administer it. Different tabs allow us to see the statistics related to the game (subscribers, number of comments etc.), the list of comments and accounts that have participated, accounts that have already won (for games with immediate gain). We have access to the settings at any time, and we can start the draw once the end date has passed. The latter can itself be configured: number of people drawn, period to be taken into account, number of participations to be retained, stop at the first X participants … We can even contact the winner (s) directly from the back office!


A global dashboard allows us to follow the evolution of our Instagram or Facebook account since the creation of our Timelime space (see the image at the beginning of the article). In particular, we can view variations in the number of subscribers, the number of games launched, total participants or even comments received. As a bonus, we even have the name of our “super-fan”, the one who has participated the most in our games since the beginning. Perfect for having a global and centralized view of our actions and events. Want to administer the account to several people? You can easily invite other collaborators by providing them with a code, which will allow them to access the account in less than two minutes, chrono in hand. Once on the dashboard, three standard games are offered to us. Note that others will be added regularly by the Timelime team .

Three games available immediately

These three games should allow you to effectively and regularly manage your accounts, to make your community react and to retain it. Here they are : Prize draw : each participant comments on one of our Instagram or Facebook posts, we can draw the winner in one click from the back office and keep the history of our contests. Instant winner : a specific day and time are chosen to determine a lucky winner. The lucky winner will receive an automatic message a few moments after submitting their comment. We can choose to open participation on a one-time basis, limited to once per day, or unlimited. Quiz: we ask a question in our post, our community must respond in comments. A draw will be made in one click from the back office among those who posted the correct answer.

Several advantages are obvious to us using this solution. First of all, no more tinkering with the draw, no more innocent hand pointing at random in the list with the risk of seeing the legal department slap your fingers on your fingers, no more Excel file crashes. Clearly, this is not our favorite moment during a contest, so we might as well automate it. The back office allows us to make a simple and fair print. The time savings are real, as is the pleasure of using a professional interface. And of course, the statistics gathered on the back office give us valuable indications on the success of the contests that we have launched. Winning on the side of our followers therefore, but also winning on our side.

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