Laurent Besnier, e-commerce Sales Channel manager of Mars Petcare France, shares his advice and his vision of a successful e-commerce Slovakia Email List team. Mars Pet Nutrition France’s e-commerce strategy has experienced impressive performance since the creation of the e-commerce team led by Laurent Besnier, e-commerce Sales Channel manager in 2014. The latter explains the keys to this success and shares his practical advice. Since taking office as e-commerce Sales Channel Manager of Mars Pet Nutrition France, the team has experienced double-digit growth and growth gains every year. What’s your secret? The secret is to understand the environment well. This goes through several successive stages which are the key to success. First, it is necessary to assess the size of the opportunity and then determine the winning circuits at 5 years. In this way, it allows to focus later on the future winners.

We can thus concentrate our efforts and put in place the right levers. This process can only succeed if we accept to make mistakes. Finally, the last essential element: to continuously measure and improve. This is the only way to identify the levers for improvement and detection of our errors in order to remedy them. What have been your main challenges in achieving and sustaining such results? This may surprise you, but the main challenges that I must take up to guarantee the success of our e-commerce strategy mainly concern issues of corporate culture and not tools or techniques. Indeed, adaptation to change is, in my eyes, an essential issue. It is an ambition that must be carried collectively. It is therefore necessary to succeed in modifying the internal culture. It is a major challenge to be agile in a large group.

Why resort to reasoned negotiation?

However, there is an essential and strategic lever in e-commerce that we can ignore: data. We are constantly looking to obtain the data that will allow us to calculate the ROIs essential to the management of our actions. It’s a daily challenge. What are the 2 or 3 essential levers of a successful e-commerce strategy? Invest in the right circuits Develop a good offer and a “best in class E content” Maintain a “start up” mindset in order to maintain agility How do you transform consumer data, a key e-commerce issue, into a growth engine for your brand? This data allows us to make personalized offers. Growth will inevitably come through this. What good practices do you adopt to create and animate a virtuous ecosystem between online and offline actions?


My first piece of advice is to adopt a vision and thinking that is systematically omnichannel. Whether it is shopper studies or strategic reviews, all must provide an omnichannel point of view that takes into account all touchpoints. In this way, we will be able to develop an offer adapted and complementary to each circuit. To succeed in uniting the offine and the online, I pay particular attention to facilitating an irreproachable collaboration between the teams. “Divergence, passage in force, tactics, cunning” a whole term present in the works initiates us to negotiation. These methods still seem to be marked by the influence of Master Sun in his work “The Art of War”. However, what about our successes? Are we coming out victorious and satisfied with our negotiations at a time when the notion of collaboration is taking more and more place in the world of work?

What is the specificity of reasoned negotiation?

Negotiation, a universal posture The appearance of the Web seems to allow access to a kind of open bar of knowledge. This wealth of information feeds our knowledge. This introduction may come as a surprise when we talk about reasoned negotiation . Nevertheless, it results from what William Ury, one of the founders of the method and anthropologist of his profession, evokes when he presents reasoned negotiation. Because, what is negotiation if not a discussion situation in which we confront facts, opinions and feelings. The great systemic change, evoked by William URY, is based on the notion of vertical and horizontal: The vertical system : a decision is taken from the top of the pyramid and is irrevocably applied.

The horizontal system induces another way of approaching decisions which are perceived as a proposal, a model but in no way an obligation. He leaves the possibility of expressing his point of view. This dichotomy is at the origin of reasoned negotiation in order to answer the question: “how to find an agreement which satisfies the various parties?” ” What is the specificity of reasoned negotiation? Reasoned negotiation offers a cooperative approach. It invites us to get out of our limiting positions and to broaden our field of perception to understand that of the other. It encourages us to get out of problems by sharpening our creativity to go in search of innovative solutions. Negotiation is above all a human relationship which must take into account the real human complexity in its cognitive and emotional aspect.

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