A trend identified by the Hootsuite 2017 corporate social media barometer, social selling can be defined as the art of using social networks to identify Reunion Email Lists sales opportunities. A look back at a new commercial approach in the digital age! Social selling, a chance for salespeople Trade is above all a social act , an exchange between a seller and a buyer . The selling social appears to be a tautology: the sale is a social nature . But if the term is so successful, it is because it defines the new deal in terms of e-commerce : on social networks, selling is increasingly becoming a social act ! The selling social also allows to finally move towards a convergence between marketing and business services. Today, it is rarely enough for a company to organize itself into a distinctive value chain .

Guillaume Mikowski, co-founder of Brainsonic , even thinks that “ sellers who do not know how to use digital are dead tomorrow” . Despite everything, the cultures of the two professions remain very different : a salesperson will not always be able to immediately know how to master social networks and community building.. This is why salespeople are increasingly starting to learn to take care of their online presence , to understand digital prospecting techniques , and to know how to master certain codes that may be different from real life. From telephone prospecting to social networks The selling social is revolutionizing the B2B sales , social networks tend to replace the phone gently .

B2b Sales Revolutionized By Social Selling

Many are on social networks, 90% of buyers no longer respond to a phone call unexpectedly , according to figures given by LinkedIn . Contacting buyers via LinkedIn and Twitter, the two networks most used by social sellers , can therefore be much more effective than the telephone. As long as you have taken advantage of these networks to find out about the buyers in question and know when it is opportune to send them a message! “Many salespeople see social networks as alternative communication channels: they simply replace 30 calls from prospects with 30 Linkedin or Twitter messages and call it social selling,” warns Mark Roberge, author of The Sales Acceleration Formula . But sometimes, it would be better not to reproduce phone spam on LinkedIn.


The messages exchanged are more personalized and do not come down to poor copy and paste. Social networks, the ideal loyalty tools Social networks are not only useful for the prospect , they are for example effective for maintaining contact or for lead nurturing (supplying content) in order to retain customers . They also allow you to be able to better follow your prospects throughout their journey and points of contact with your brand, and to go through certain tasks more quickly thanks to marketing automation. Recommendation of our experts Do you want to develop or optimize your community management strategy, develop your visibility and effectively animate your communities? Our expert recommends three short and comprehensive training courses:

Social Networks, The Ideal Loyalty Tools

To know how to prospect effectively with digital: it’s up to you!85% of the jobs carried out by 2030 do not yet exist … New challenges , new skills , new professions ! Who could have imagined ten years ago that a Community Manager , or a UX Designer would be essential for a marketing team ? Or that the marketing departments would work in close collaboration with Chief Data Officers ? The specialization of professions, cross-functional skills and new professions linked to artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, connected objects, etc. are set to develop. What will the marketing professions look like tomorrow? How do you approach your skills while taking into account these mutations that are obvious for some, barely emerging for others?


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