You are a social media manager for the leading French entertainment media Topito, what were your main challenges? The main Oman Email List challenge of a pure-player like Topito is the dependence on social platforms. Overnight, our media can be kicked out of a social network due to a change in algorithms or an arbitrary decision. The data presented by the platforms varies from day to day and we don’t even know if it is true. It is therefore important to be present everywhere to follow trends and adapt to new uses. Obviously, each network has its specificities. A large part of our work therefore consists of adapting our content in different formats: articles, stories, vertical images, square images, square videos, vertical videos, 16: 9 videos…

What are the 2 or 3 essential levers of a successful social media strategy? It is necessary to adapt its content so that it is most easily consumable by the user. Does the message I want to convey deserve a video, article, image or just a tweet? This message must then capture the eye of the person who is the target, for example if we insert an external link in an article, the image of Une must be attractive enough to make people want to read the article without however falling into the excess of clickbait: For a video, the first second must encourage watching the rest. For an image, it must include readable texts (even from a distance) and that it is displayed without being cropped.

Changing consumption patterns, the appearance of new social media and new rules … how do you stay up to date?

Second lever: ban automation as much as possible. Automating everything on a large scale is guaranteed to make mistakes, have cold communication and miss the event. Scheduling content for 5:00 p.m. every day because a blog ordered it or out of habit because you’ve always done like is a big mistake. We have to do continuous “test & learn”. Is it better to post at 6 p.m., 7 p.m. or 11 p.m.? Test and watch your results. Every community is different! Changing consumption patterns, the appearance of new social media and new rules … how do you stay up to date? Initially, Topito’s social networks were only useful to send traffic to the website, central in our distribution strategy. Today, we see ourselves as a medium of which one of the branches is the site web ..


As soon as we invest in a new social network, we ask ourselves how to distribute content on it: How to adapt the essence of Topito into a story? How to do it in videos? This is how we manage to create content for the right media. We must not believe that each social network is a revolution that will change everything. Many are advertised as Facebook-killers and disappear as quickly as they appeared. Whatever the social network, the background must remain the same. It’s just the content formats that we adapt. Take the bac for example. Created in 1808, it must already have been a comic source exploited in the newspapers. Nowadays if the medium has changed, the spring is the same: we make it a “Top stories that all high school graduates do”.

What qualities should a Social Media Manager have?

What is the key to finding balance in leading the Topito community without getting too personally involved? How do you manage your brand and personal e-reputation? The main difficulty linked to community animation is to maintain the border between the personnel and the professional. Indeed, we run social networks where we are also present on a personal basis and which we can animate with our personal phone with applications on which we log in with our personal and professional accounts. The border is therefore very thin. With Topito, I have the chance to be on a medium that suits me well and whose values ​​I share. Speaking on my behalf or on behalf of Topito therefore often comes down to the same thing. However, I personally refrain from giving my opinion on Twitter. I think it should be avoided. It would make Twitter a lot more fun to use.

What qualities should a Social Media Manager have? He must know he doesn’t know anything. As soon as we leave school, we are already overwhelmed, too old to understand the use of social networks. As a professional, our outlook is necessarily biased. We look at networks as professionals and not just users. The only way to be sure is to test. Without it, we will continue to know nothing. It is essential to question your entire social media strategy on a daily basis in order to adapt your work to new trends and new networks. Finally, you have to be constantly connected to the news to be able to react to them. All without forgetting to do your daily work.

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