Producing content on a topic that no one, or very few people, has covered can seem like a difficult task. However, if you want to deploy an effective Anguilla Email List content marketing strategy, you will have to deal with emerging topics before your competitors even think about them. Having relied heavily on keyword research tools like Google’s Keyword Planner for the purpose of producing optimized content, we have noticed that most of these tools are based on historical data. This is why they are very useful in telling you what has been trending before but not what is about to be. It quickly became apparent that in order to generate new ideas for articles on the next topics of interest, it will be necessary to use other tactics to identify them before they explode, even before the word tools. -keys do not reveal them.

What are the advantages of talking about a topic before it emerges? First, it helps present your brand as a thought leader on the topic. Having your business recognized as an authority can lead to the sharing of your content (especially when the brand is one of the few producing content on this topic) and the natural acquisition of critical comments and backlinks . for your SEO . Readers will also potentially come back to you and trust your opinion when speaking out on the topic. To get back to the benefits on your SEO , publishing content before an influx of interest could mean that Google indexes your site before your competitors who will cover the same subject but later. It could bring you more visibility and traffic. Because the topic is not yet saturated with results in the SERPs, Google users are more likely to click on your site.

The news agenda

Below are 5 tactics that will help you spot trending topics before everyone else. News often has an impact on future trends in content and is therefore ideal for spotting hot topics to come. If we take the example of the recent period, the Covid-19 pandemic has led to an increase in related topics such as mental health, teleworking and physical exercise at home. With this information, it is possible to have a clear idea of ​​what people would like to read next to steer your strategy in the right direction. The first step in researching and finding topic ideas through social media is to join the platforms and follow the authoritative people and companies. As many topics are first broken down and discussed on networks, you need to be active in them. As the task can sometimes become time-consuming,


we recommend that you use a management tool such as Hootsuite , which allows you to manage different flows and organize them according to your needs. Social networks can also be used in the manner of Google Trends, as some of them, like Twitter , have sections devoted to trends. Indeed, the network with the little blue bird is extremely useful because it allows to follow the subjects and know what people say in real time. The “Explore” section of Twitter will display the latest tweets and threads on a topic that you follow (Twitter displays a personalized topic based on the accounts you follow) that have aroused interest from tweeters. section explore twitter example Finally, thanks to Twitter’s Topic Selector tool , you can choose the topics you want to follow.

What are the advantages of talking about a topic before it emerges?

For now, in France, the number of topics is quite small (compared to the USA) but new topics are added every day by Twitter. topic selector twitterResearching social media and capturing user conversations helps create relevant content sooner rather than later. Bringing together Google searches, news and YouTube , Google Trends gives you a 360-degree view of web trends, helping you find new article topics. It’s free to use and provides you with patterns of interest over time, geographic breakdowns, and related queries, which help you better understand research context and intent. Consider for example the subject “easy recipe”. Having noticed an increase in the number of people being forced to cook during the confinement period , one of our clients in the sector wanted to know the specifics of the content related to cooking recipes that are easy to make at home.

evolution easy cooking recipe While the Keyword Planner is updated monthly, Google Trends made it easy to identify what people were looking to cook. As a result, we knew that we needed to create content around homemade bread recipes or clafoutis, as this met the needs of people interested in easy-to-make cooking recipes. Besides searching for specific terms, the Google Trends home page also displays research on recent trends and their rise to global prominence. Quora, Reddit and 4chan Quora provides you with the questions people want answered. Reddit also shows the topics people are talking about. They can be thought of as real-time audience response tools, with additional information such as query popularity, responses, and related questions. All of this should help produce new and meaningful content to satisfy users.

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