The French will also be more numerous from this summer. According to a recent study, 42.2 million French people plan to go on vacation in 2017, or 2.2 million more than last year, a revival after years of decline. If French tourism has been marked by fewer departures on vacation for years, it is also characterized by a transformation of the purchasing path. And you can imagine that new technologies have something to do with it. The Internet has already changed the way we approach travel for some time, and it is now the mobile that puts its two cents, and more particularly the smartphone. From the preparation of the stay until the end of the trip, it has become an essential tool. Google has produced an infographic to show how the smartphone intervenes at each stage of the travel purchase journey.

The smartphone to find inspiration and get information Source The journey of buying a trip very often begins on the Internet. Today, most travelers have the “Internet reflex”. It is a tool for learning, finding inspiration and ideas for a destination. Thus, 90% of Benin Phone Numbers List searches in France are done online. What is more recent and “new” is the device used to do this research. With the advent of the mobile, the smartphone is now unanimous (or almost). Even so, 51% of travelers use smartphones to do their research. It is used by just over half of all travelers, and contrary to what one might think, they are not just young travelers. Admittedly, young people represent a majority of users (79% of travelers aged 18-29 use it for travel research), but the smartphone is also used by 45-59 year who are 40% favored for their travel. research.

1 The Smartphone For Inspiration And Information

Summer is approaching, and so are the holidays for the lucky ones. # 1 The smartphone for inspiration and information # 2 The smartphone to compare, refine and be reassured The smartphone to compare offers, refine your choice and reassure Once the travel destination has been chosen, you have to refine your choice and above all start to organize your trip. It is a question of determining which transport to favor, which formula to choose, the type of accommodation or the activities on site. The Internet will be used to compare offers to find the best at the best price. Whatever the purpose of the trip (leisure or professional), the smartphone is a privileged tool for planning your trip. It should be noted that business travelers are unsurprisingly much more likely to use it (56%). And when it comes to booking a flight online, 64% have their smartphone.


The videos that we watch in large numbers on smartphones will also influence the purchasing decision since more and more travelers are viewing videos during their shopping journey. # 3 The smartphone to trigger the purchasing decision The smartphone influences the purchasing decision Source Thanks to the smartphone, you can access all the information useful for the travel purchasing process, wherever you are and at any time. It is therefore natural that the research phase will continue in the act of purchase. The French are increasingly tempted by m-commerce, and the tourism sector is no exception to this trend either, even if we are only in the beginnings of this practice. At the moment, only 4.6% of travel purchases are made on smartphones. But in some more advanced countries, such as the United States or China, the numbers are exploding. It’s promising!

 2 The Smartphone To Compare, Refine And Be Reassured

# 4 The smartphone to be accompanied The smartphone: travel companion Source The smartphone never leaves us, so much so that it is a real travel companion when we go somewhere. 79.4% of travelers find it more useful during the trip or on site. The smartphone will serve as a map as well as a tourist guide, but it will also contain all the documents relating to the organization of the trip. It is no longer just a simple communication tool, it is many all-in-one features (camera, maps, Internet, applications, etc.) that are essential when traveling. The smartphone also plays a role after the traveler since travelers can use them to write reviews on a hotel, restaurant, etc. It really comes into play at all times of the purchasing journey. It is therefore imperative to take this channel into account in your marketing strategy.

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