The inspiring interview with Jean-Denis Garo, regular contributor to Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Les Echos on the subjects of Poland Business Email List technology, the evolution of uses and also of marketing, Jean-Denis Garo is International Integrated Marketing Director at Mitel and also President of CMIT (club of in tech marketers). A regular contributor to Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Les Echos on the subjects of technology, the evolution of uses and also of marketing, he has just published a column in Le Monde. Regularly ranked among French marketing influencers, he was recently cited by the Brandwatch study on the most influential CMOs on Twitter in France . What is your mission on earth? In one sentence

Ahahahahaa, we should call it the killer question ?. Not to have left indifferent the people whom I would have crossed. But if I take the CMIT angle (club of in tech marketers), the club’s mission is to promote the value and contribution of the marketing and communication professions within its ecosystem. Is the production and sharing of rich content a key issue for marketers? What benefits can they expect if they manage to meet it? Engagement is the holy grail of all content; through conversations, comments or sharing of this content, it will be the means to measure (identify, qualify, score…) the interest of a prospect or a client. To give content the best possible chance for adoption, it must be personalized and contextualized.

The “inspiring” question

Moreover, having a conversation is giving yourself the chance to get to know the other, to share ideas, to progress, to build a long-term relationship and also to convince. Social Selling is a good example of the use of content, with the objective of engagement.The “solution” question How and why are you helping them meet this challenge? CMIT is the club of in tech marketers. Founded in 2003, it brings together more than one hundred members around more B2B concerns. The Club accelerates the circulation of ideas and knowledge, in particular through workshops, conferences and exchanges of good practices. It promotes new business opportunities for the company through marketing and communication innovations.


Particularly active in content creation, we have just published a white paper entitled “ Curation: the great misunderstanding ” and another is to be published on B2B influencers. These publications include many contributions from our members. We also really like the infographic format, the latest can be found here .The “indispensable” question What are the 3 key skills of the marketer of tomorrow? The capacity for analysis , because the modern marketer faces more and more data. And even if AI will help him in his daily life in the future, he must preserve / cultivate this very human quality of intuition and thoughtless risk-taking to achieve an unexpected goal. The creative destruction , once again the automation will help him to carry out programs in defined frameworks, but the gain is in the capacity to disrupt / jostle his environment in order to innovate.

The “indispensable” question

It is always better to be the one who creates the rules, than to be the one who must follow those of others. Candour and curiosity , because culture is important and the modern marketer must be curious about new discoveries and experiences to cultivate his creativity, let his mind wander in serendipity; And finally keep his child’s soul amazed by everything that is new to him. Tenacity, with the obsession to make good use of what has been created and to exploit all of its components, before starting to embark on a new project. A study / survey, for example, can become a white paper and an infographic. This infographic will be cut into thumbnails for social media, a video will be produced to summarize the content of the survey, a forum created from the results of the survey for the press, blogs post to detail each result, the whole will be integrated as “assets” in a lead generation campaign.

The idea being to use, “milker”, to make each project profitable, to get the most out of it. Realizing an asset is only part of the job; making known and promoting this asset takes much longer than creating it. A model, a source of inspiration, a brand with which you dream of collaborating? A model: Raymond Aron (1905-1983). It is a bit missed for the collaboration, but it is a personality which impresses me by the diversity of its fields of intervention: philosopher, sociologist, political scientist, historian, journalist… And his nonconformism too. I also really like the idea of ​​being an “engaged spectator” in our society. Otherwise, to really answer the question: the designer Voutch (1958-20 ??). I almost worked with him around a greeting card depicting meeting hell a few years ago, but the project was unfortunately unsuccessful.

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