If you already have a physical store, you must indicate that you already sell products and specify your turnover. For me, this is just a new 100% online niche. Shopify Questions Shopify then asks you for a mailing address. This is the address that customers will see. Small tip: If you manage your Shopify dropshipping business from your home and you are concerned about confidentiality, you can pay for a PO box or a service allowing your mail to be sent to a coworking space, which will then be redirected to your home.

Personal information Then click on “register my online store” at the bottom of the page. And There you go ! You are the proud owner of a dropshipping online store with Shopify. Simple, isn’t it? Your Shopify dropshipping store comes with a default theme, and looks more or less like this: New Theme – Debut Shopify Shopify has a variety of themes, and you’ll find the right one for you. Let’s see what they look like. Step 4: Choose a theme for your Shopify dropshipping store Shopify currently offers around ten free themes for your online store. You can also visit the theme gallery . From the home page of your site’s interface, go to the “Customize the theme” section.

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Then in the theme library, click on “Discover free themes”. There are two ways to choose a Shopify theme . You can sort them by collection or by sector. Personally, I choose the “All themes” option to get an overview. Shopify dropshipping training Under Malta Phone Number the “Collection” tab, you’ll find Shopify themes categorized by their design, visual predominance, or popularity. Under “Industries” you will find the most popular e-commerce themes by sector; for fashion, home and garden, health and beauty. Create Shopify website And if you go to “all themes”, it is possible to filter them more precisely.

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For example, if you are on a budget, you can bring up the free Shopify themes only. Depending on the number of products you want to sell in your Dropshipping store with Shopify, choose a theme based on the size of the catalog. For example a single product theme, reduced catalog, medium catalog or large catalog. Free Shopify Themes Since I’m used to looking at “All Themes”, here’s how I select a topic. In my case, since letter boards are more of a niche, I sort the themes under the small catalog criterion, under “Number of products”. For the style of the theme, the product pages and the home page, I don’t really have a preference.

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So I go directly to “Navigation” where I choose “Horizontal Menu”. Under “Marketing and social networks”, I choose “Instagram feed” . Why ? Because letter boards are visual products and I think it would be good to have some post images on the homepage. Shopify horizontal themes For “Industry”, I leave it empty, to see a wide selection of themes. At the end of this process, I get 14 themes that match my criteria, with a price range of $ 140 to $ 180. Shopify themes being in English by default, consider choosing a theme with language options if you want to have a Shopify theme in French.

So much for the paid themes. For this example, I’m going to choose a free theme, in this case the Minimal theme, in a vintage version. Here is the example of a Shopify dropshipping store: Minimal Shopify store Examples of Shopify dropshipping sites To get an idea, here are some examples of Shopify dropshipping sites. Fitigo Fitigo is a single-product site that uses the Billionaire theme. Shopify dropshipping example Cosplaycart This costume selling site uses the free Shopify Supply theme Dropshipping site example Northmanplus This online store sells leather jackets and uses a Shopify store with the Debut theme.

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