Push notifications are a great way to deliver information to your visitors and get them to click. A completely free tool allows you to send your push notifications on all channels: Truepush. To use Truepush and start sending notifications, it’s very easy. You just need to create a new Kenya WhatsApp Number List and fill in some basic information. Everything is customizable (within the limits of the format of course) and you can choose your button format and all the information to display. The links are tracked with different utms depending on the channel (Android, Android Web, Windows Web and Mac OS). All the formats are managed in a single campaign: this therefore covers Android, Windows and Mac OS mailings, without having to duplicate the campaigns. Truepush is really complete: you also have access to an RSS-to-push service.

As its name suggests, this allows, especially for media or blogs, to send a notification each time new content is published on the RSS feed. The service also allows you to create audience segments in order to send a notification only to one type of visitor. We also appreciate the quality of the data that allows us to implement interesting strategies. To get started, it’s not very complicated, you just need to integrate a little code into your site. Truepush is really a great way to try out the push notifications format inexpensively. Be careful, however, that the service is free (very real). With the Tag implemented on your site, Truepush potentially has access to part of your audience and can therefore monetize it, with your competitors for example … Its main objective was therefore to ” take an overview of new practices and broaden its spectrum of skills”.

Windows And Mac Os Mailings

An objective achieved thanks to the transversality of the first module: ” I found it extremely interesting to devote two days to the latest digital trends, to understand what was happening on the market in the broad sense with recent and practical examples, while having a focus on the different stages of the strategy to be applied. ” The lessons learned were put into practice quickly. First of all, by internally applying a major trend presented during one of the modules, namely the boom in audio: “ following this module, we started a podcast project. The training gave me another vision on how to promote it, to set up a development and communication strategy on this subject. »The skills acquired are also applied on a daily basis, in discussions with other teams. ” I work with various specialized divisions within Bayard Presse.


The fact of having approached the functioning of various tools during the training allowed me to develop a common language with the professionals of these poles, to better understand their problems and their use of these tools. This is for example the case in terms of audience analysis. Even better, the presentation of concrete cases allowed Sandra Bacou to directly apply certain lessons in her daily life: ” During the Social Networks module, we did not just sweep Facebook like many other training courses do. We were able to observe campaigns actually launched by advertisers, we had details on the formats available, on the types of campaigns possible depending on the context. This allowed me to set them up internally by adapting to the desired objectives: editorial, e-commerce, contests… ”. The opinion of Sandra Bacou is, in the end, very positive.

Allows Us To Implement Interesting Strategies

This is a course that I recommend. Its ability to support us both in defining a strategy and in putting it into action is a real advantage. It is very complete, and will allow people who follow it to quickly gain skills. ” Useful information The “Marketing and Digital Communication” certification cycle is face-to-face training lasting 70 hours spread over 10 days. It costs 6,495 euros and is eligible for the CPF. It is made up of 6 modules: Marketing and communication in the digital age (2 days) Design efficient and user-centric sites (2 days) Social media: understanding social networks and influencing strategies (1 day) Master the acquisition levers in the brand’s digital ecosystem (2 days) Marketing in the age of data (2 days) Practice day and evaluation exercises (1 day) More information on the “Marketing and Digital Communication” certification cycle Liaison.

Twitter account, which provides a link between search engine teams and SEO specialists, published a new tweet on Tuesday, September 24: “We will publish a major update to the algorithm today, as we do several times a year ” . So this is a major update. SEOs are now used to these micro-communications from Google. Previously, their regular analyzes and their exchanges with other SEOs, via forums and specialized sites, made it possible to highlight the major changes made by Google to its algorithm. They could also use tools that spot significant changes in the SERPs. The fact that Google is now communicating on these famous broad core algorithm updates is a good thing, although it does not change the life of SEOs: they must always monitor their performance.

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