In the era of Big Data, the question of data processing gives way to a new issue: that of their visualization. Data visualization makes it Sierra Leone Email List possible to respond to this need to portray numerous and complex data. Goal ? Take the figures out of spreadsheets in order to present them in a readable and interactive way. What is data visualization? The data visualization , also called dataviz, means all techniques that allow data visualization. The goal is to transform raw data into interactive visual representations, educational and understandable by all ! Dataviz is a powerful tool because visual stimulation is better absorbed by the brain. A study by researchers Semetko & Scammell shows that our brain can understand the meaning of a visual in less than a tenth of a second (much less time than reading this sentence!).

An example of dataviz in your daily life? Journalists quickly saw the potential of data visualization . Source of innovation for an industry that must renew itself in order to survive, data journalism exploits the resources of dataviz to produce interactive, educational and creative information. This is evidenced by the investment of several international media ( The Guardian , The Financial Times ) and in France ( Le Monde , Liberation ), which have created services dedicated to data journalism . Data visualization on the second round of the 2016 French elections – The Financial Times The political news is the subject on which the public is most often used to being in contact with the data visualization.

The contribution of dataviz dashboards on questions of marketing strategy

And for good reason, during an election period, the dataviz turns out to be a very relevant tool. It makes it possible to portray a multitude of key data for understanding political events. Voting intention, results by geographic area, abstention rate… These are all data that dataviz simplifies and makes accessible to the general public. An essential practice, to meet the right to information for all citizens. Data visualization of Liberation on the voting intentions and the profiles of the voters of the second round of the French presidential elections of 2016 Dataviz: a tool that facilitates business decision-making Under the influence of Big Data, the current economy produces a large mass of data related to its activity. To regain control of this phenomenon, several organizations have chosen to acquire data visualization tools in order to optimize this source of information.


Because it offers the possibility of interaction with data, dataviz produces new keys to understanding that facilitate decision-making in companies. Dashboards allow decision-makers to capture data relevant to their business at a glance, across all strategic and operational areas of the business. This information is invaluable, because it allows a better understanding of economic trends, the expectations of a prospect, the behavior of his customers or even internal needs …Also, unlike static graphics contained in spreadsheets, data visualizations allow you to select and compare data. These features make it easier to spot correlations between actions and performance: analysis and decision-making exercise are simplified, and are based on a reliable source!

Why dataviz helps you understand data effortlessly in business?

The contribution of dataviz dashboards on questions of marketing strategy In large groups, decision-making at the marketing level is sometimes complex. The teams are spread over several countries, and the sources of data related to the activity and the performances are numerous and varied, in particular during omnichannel strategies. The use of a dataviz dashboard appears to be a strong solution, because it makes it possible to centralize all the data on a platform common to the entire company. Thus, the visualization of analytics data is unified, which helps align strategic decision-making. Dataviz brings together interactive data on a single platform The other marketing sector where dataviz is revolutionizing decision-making is that of studies . With the proliferation of data sources, research institutes must be innovative in their offers if they want to limit the strong competition from pure players.

Indeed, faced with the advent of hyper interactive and intelligible digital content, representation in circular or bar diagrams has fallen into disuse … Moreover, polling institutes, in order to innovate, cannot limit themselves to simply transcribing the information collected. Their expertise is a real added value, which must be transferable during the imaging of the data. Several institutes have therefore chosen to make data visualization a strategic lever for renewal. This development is extremely beneficial for the marketing teams. The data is put into context and their access is simplified. Thanks to dataviz, the reading of studies is more interactive, which represents a real saving of time! Why dataviz helps you understand data effortlessly in business?

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