Inbound marketing is a marketing discipline that is taking more and more place in modern lead generation strategies. It is a game-changer by giving  South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Email List power back to buyers. This discipline was born in 2006 in the United States and is based on permission marketing, a concept developed by Seth Godin at the end of the 90s. Marketing permission is consent given by buyers to companies to send them information. How does this work ? What is the methodology implemented? He puts his B2B sales and marketing expertise to work for businesses to solve their problems, attract new customers and build brand awareness.

We have set up a promotion vector committee which is multi-business in which you find all the people who are concerned by: promotion, acquisition, transformation, production of services … QUESTION EM TIER It is said that today data is key in marketing. What do you think (or do you practice data marketing?) Concerning DATA, we mainly have a question concerning the staging of this data. At Apec, there are thousands of data (recruitment forecast, job offer, published CVs, etc.), we are, for example, capable of reconstructing professional trajectories by analyzing the hundreds of thousands of CVs to our disposition. We are just starting to use data marketing.


With the IT teams, we are in the process of creating the foundations of the data warehouses, because, before exploiting the DATA, it is necessary to collect and organize them. By the end of the year, we will be giving data back to recruiters when they post job offers. At a given point in the course, when a recruiter publishes his job offer, 2 types of information will be sent to him: “your job offer competes with X offers” or “this position attracts on average X applications ”. These are therefore the first elements of DATA staged within one of the most strategic routes for us. We are asked the question of the robotization of recruitment, I believe in it only partially. The use of artificial intelligence, yes, but increased by human advice. We will not restore all the intelligence in 4 or 5 data transmitted to a recruiter,


there is a limit to the predictive! In this recruiting market, what makes everything work is to accelerate and make the fact of meeting more reliable. The challenge over the next 5 years is, first of all, to organize our data so that they can be used by our ecosystem. Then, in a second step, it is to make them available to everyone, in order to allow start-ups to make new use of them. FAVORITE QUESTION What is the key skill to face the challenges of tomorrow? Curiosity, and intellectual agility, and above all not to get locked into certainties. Doubt is an essential quality. Ask yourself the following question permanently: “Are we sure we are meeting the needs of our customers?” Is key to moving forward. Being in contact with clients so that we know exactly what they are looking for is easy for us,

What Is The Key Skill To Face The Challenges Of Tomorrow?

because we are a small structure, but we must remain vigilant. Making better use of what we do is our challenge. We master the measurement of utility and performance of our cold products and services. Indeed, we carry out performance barometers, qualitative studies, pretext studies in order to know if we are up to the expected. And, on the strength of these results, we are developing our service offering. At the moment, we are working on setting up, during the year, a systematic hot measurement of all consumption. The objective is therefore to professionalize on hot measurement, we wish to systematize and professionalize this measurement. We want to return the information to the field teams so that they have operational levers for continuous improvement.

This hot satisfaction measure is not intended for the evolution of the offer, it is primarily intended for operational adjustment in order to improve the consumption experiences of our products and services. DISRUPTION QUESTION What innovation has marked you in recent months? One of the most striking innovations for Apec is the search for job vacancies by affinity based on a CV. My CV becomes my research agent. On the Apec site, your search for a job offer is therefore made from your CV with an affinity index, it is no longer a search by keyword. This is something that is present on the site for executives and young graduates, at the beginning of 2018, we would like to transpose this technique on the recruiter side, for the profile search in our CV library. The other notable innovation is “Data Emploi Région” which provides key data on the executive employment market on


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