In addition to the interesting insights from that poll, we also Benin Phone Number List conducted research into the brand. In this article you can read more about the (perhaps surprising) results. Results of the poll Let’s look back at the poll on Corona first . There was a massive response. The vast Benin Phone Number List majority of you said. You wouldn’t do anything about the Priorities Is Responsible brand name (73.6%). The main arguments you Benin Phone Number List made was that Corona is a strong brand and that you should not give up at the first setback.

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Especially because there is no causal link between the virus and Benin Phone Number List the beer. That virus will blow over and the brand will be around for a long time. So common sense . More than 22% of the voters in the poll would abandon the name, because the brand would be too Benin Phone Number List badly damaged and Corona would suffer from this when selling beer. There is also something to be said for that. The remaining 3.7% would do something else. Below you will find the results and Benin Phone Number List a few honorable mentions. Corona poll. Interesting suggestions In addition, we found interesting suggestions.

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Huge brand awareness, strong brand . Just name. For example Benin Phone Number List luckily you can choose with us whether you take a Corona Marlene Roovers “My thought is to change the name. Corona is no longer associated with fun and fun , which a beer brand should Benin Phone Number List stand for. It seems to me better to implement a name change than to get rid of the negative connotation that the name now has. I think this can also be used well from a marketing point of viewBenin Phone Number List  and will generate a lot of goodwill.

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